Donatello with his T-Phone.

T-Phones are an invention created by Donatello and are used by him and the Turtles as primary means of communication when missions require them to spread out. They are the Turtles' cellular devices used for the 2012 TV series.


Monkey Brains - T-Phones are created.

Mousers Attack! - When April O'Neil's cell phone was stolen by the Purple Dragons and eventually destroyed, Donatello gave her a T-Phone to replace it.


All the T-Phones are shaped like turtle shells and have color schemes to match their users. They serve the same purpose as a typical cellphone, and are normally used for the Turtles and April to communicate over long distances. They have also extra features such as games, a camera, and a tracking app. In case of emergency, the phones are programmed to self-destruct when the phrase "T-Phone, self-destruct" is spoken.


  • The T-Phone image featured on's TMNT Gear Gallery did not match the design of the T-Phones used in the series. (the former link is now a dead link)
  • The T-Phone is similar to the Turtle Communicator of the 1987 TV series and the Shell Cell and Shell Phone in the 2003 TV series.
  • When their T-Phone rings, it has the tune of the intro from both the 1987 TV series and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series).
    • In the episode "I, Monster", Donnie's ringtone for April is a sound effect of birds chirping.
  • The shape of the phones are shaped liked the 2003 Turtles' shells.
  • Some of the characters have different custom contact images.
    • Leo puts "Don-Boi" as his contact name for Donnie with a picture of Dr. Mindstrong.
    • April put "Donny Boy", a joke with the name Danny Boy and an edited picture of Donnie with several flowers around him and a red bow on his head.
    • Michelangelo has a picture of Crankshaw and Captain Ryan as the contact photo for Leo.
    • Raphael has a picture of Mikey from a scene in "It Came From The Depths" in his T-phone.
  • Mikey was sad that Donnie named it "T-Phone" before he did.
  • Playmates released an interactive version of the T-Phone in 2013 and walkie talkie versions in 2014.
  • The T-Phone is a spoof of the iPhone, a line of smartphones manufactured by Apple.


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