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Triceraton commando
commander of the Kaitoxa

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Natural left eye
Prosthetic right eye

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The Triceraton Homeworld (unidentified unnamed guard)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol 4) 26 (identified and named)

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Mirage continuity, T'Zirk is a commando of the Triceraton Republic who becomes friends and commanding officer to Michelangelo in the Triceraton military.


Like the rest of the t'jat uhasil commandos in his squadron, T'Zirk is shorter and smaller than a typical Triceraton male, standing not much taller than the already-short Michelangelo. His right eye is prosthetic.


T'Zirk first appears in volume 1 issue #6: The Triceraton Homeworld as one of the Triceraton guards in the Tri-Sports Arena, though never uniquely named or identified at the time. According to T'Zirk, after the turtles and Professor Honeycutt abducted Prime Leader Zanramon and had a shootout with Triceraton security forces, one of the turtles' beam guns hit T'Zirk's eye while in the stun setting. T'Zirk was not killed, but the stun blast destroyed his optic nerve, requiring his entire eye and optic nerve to be replaced with a prosthetic eye.

In the aftermath of that incident and Zanramon's resulting political downfall, the turtles' combat performance in the Tri-Sports Arena inspired the development of t'jat uhasil, a new Triceraton martial art based on their observations of the turtles' ninjutsu. T'Zirk trained in t'jat uhasil, eventually becoming an elite commando and the commander of a squadron of t'jat uhasil commandos aboard the his own vessel, the Kaitoxa.

In volume 4 issue #26, T'Zirk and some of his subordinates, T'Zirk's Terrors, are monitoring from a secret base stationed in the countryside just outside Styracodon Royal Detention Center 17. Their mission was to rescue the long-detained Triceraton ambassador Azokk, but they instead discovered and detained a recently-escaped Michelangelo, whom T'Zirk recognized from their prior encounter. Upon learning that Azokk had died helping Mikey escape, T'Zirk aborted the mission, destroyed the secret base and evacuated with Mikey to the Kaitoxa.

On board, T'Zirk befriended Mikey, introducing him to the t'jat uhasil the turtle had helped inspire, and invited Mikey to train with his squadron and demonstrate his mastery of ninjutsu.


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