Havoc in the streets 80 - synapse
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Electrical Mutant

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1987 TV series

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Get Shredder!

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Pat Fraley

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Synapse is a energy mutant that appears in the 1987 TMNT cartoon episode "H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets!"


Synapse was once a convict (from Get Shredder!) that H.A.V.O.C. broke out of prison in order to distract the Ninja Turtles. He willingly allowed Titanus to turn him into a mutant made of pure energy who can control any electric machine. He sought his revenge by constantly tormenting the Turtles, believing that they were unable to hurt him. However, Leonardo reflected one of his energy attacks back on him, injuring him. While Leonardo and Raphael drove him back with reflective objects, Donatello prepared a high-frequency ham radio transmission. When Synapse escaped through the radio tower, he was transmitted out into space, never to return.


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