Sword Slicin' Leonardo.jpg

Wind-up radical reptile with slash ‘n thrash action

Vital Tortistics

Accessories: Wacky Whip, Silly Sword, Menacing Mace
Action Feature: Slash ‘n thrash rotating right arm

Foot Soldiers. Nobody likes ‘em. And now you don’t have to put up with them. Just wind up ol’ Sword Slicin’ Leo and he’ll cut the Foot Soldiers into toe jam – spreading their diabolical diodes from here to Kalamazoo. Only a top Turtle with the fierce power of a rotating right arm could deliver such devasting blows to these bionic bad boys. That’s right. Only Sword Slicin’ Leo could fricassee the Foot with such finesse. So wind him up and while away the time while Leo whittles away the Foot Clan.