The Radical Wave-ridin' Rubber Wonder!

Leo’s stylin’ and ridin’ in his new Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube. Droppin’ in on wave-crashin’ Foot fools who flop-the-slop out on the sewer surf, Leo’s doin’ it in full color splash fashion! Check out those wild ‘n’ wacky, totally tubular tube tattoos! Blastin’ bobbin’ bad boys with his highly accurate double-barreled sewer surfin’ sub-machine gun, Leo makes shark snacks and fish food out of Shredder and his garglin’ gang o’ goons! And when the sun goes down and the surf goes up, this wild tube’s glowin’ with clashin’ cool colors. And thanks to the wild wave “night lights,” surfin’ at night’s no problemo.

Leo’s searchin’ for bad boys on boards. First he spots ’em, then it’s easy pickin’s with the sewer scoopin’ surf net. On a good day, Leo can hang ten of ’em on one wave. The sewer surf is safe with Surfer Leo on patrol… unless, of course, you’re kraggin’ on someone’s ride!

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