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Shell of Justice, New York City (alternate reality)



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Mutant turtles



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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol 4) 7

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Peter Laird

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This section covers the Turtles characters from the Mirage comics. For the two-part Japanese OAV series, see Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen or for the counterparts that appeared in the 2003 TV series see Super Turtles (2003 TV series).

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The Super Turtles are alternate universe versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Publication history

They were originally designed by Peter Laird in 1993, but their designs went unused for nine years until 2002, when they appeared in the Mirage Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles volume 4, issue 7. The Super Turtles later appeared in the 2003 series episode Reality Check, interacting with a denizen of the standard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, Michelangelo. The Super Turtles' origin is told in Tales of the TMNT Volume 2, issue 47.


When aliens apparently threatened to attack Earth in an alternate reality, a man named Lucks stepped up to unify a world government under his control to combat the menace. After the governments of the world had given their consent, Chairman Lucks hired a team of scientists, led by his friend Doctor Shreddarius, to create an army of bio-mechanical soldiers to defend the Earth, the Terrorkinetics. Little did Lucks know, Shreddarius was experimenting on four turtles with the goal of mutating them to use as soldiers against Lucks in the event of a double-crossing. Unfortunately for Shreddarius, the chemicals he was using to perform his experiment was very unstable and exploded, gravely injuring Shreddarius. Shreddarius was later reconstructed as a cyborg, and the four turtles grew to become humanoid in shape and intelligence and gained super powers and these became the Super Turtles. Likewise Sliver, a rat that mutated after licking Shreddarius' chemical-infected wounds, trained the Super Turtles on how to use their super powers, but he was anything but a kind and patient teacher. As Lucks and Shreddarius' friendship and political relationship grew, the Super Turtles were dispatched to save Lucks' rule from rebel factions. Lucks presented the Super Turtles with a new base of operations, the Shell of Justice, where Sliver, in his desire to make the Super Turtles into ultimate warriors, used torturous methods that almost killed his students, to strengthen the Super Turtles. Shreddarius and Sliver occasionally sent one of the Terrorkinetics out into New York City, making it seem as if it had gone rogue. In reality, this was to test the Super Turtles' mettle against live foes.

Unfortunately for Lucks, Shreddarius, and Sliver, eventually two former scientists who had worked under Shreddarius, Jonas Case and Neil O'Malley came to the Shell of Justice to explain the truth; Lucks, Shreddarius and Sliver were selfish and power-hungry, the alien invasion was a fabrication created by Lucks, so that Lucks and Shreddarius would have power over the world. Case and O'Malley convinced the Super Turtles to fight against Shreddarius and Lucks, although Sliver, blinded by loyalty to Shreddarius, refused to accompany them, and even attacked his students to prevent them from rebelling. The Super Turtles reluctantly defeated their master and joined Case and O'Malley's cause.

To quell the uprisings around the world against their regime, Lucks sent Terrorkinetics to dispose of the rebellion. The Super Turtles broke into Lucks' compound, and faced off against Shreddarius and the recently recovered Sliver. Both villains were soundly defeated. Lucks himself attempted to attack the Super Turtles, but he was not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination, and was easily stopped by Griddex. However, Shreddarius had escaped and from then on he and the Terrorkinetics became bitter enemies of the Super Turtles. The Super Turtles then go on live TV, with Case and O'Malley, and declare that the world's nations have their previous control returned to them with Lucks behind bars. The Super Turtles pledge to defeat the remaining Terrorkinetics and Shreddarius, as well as any other entities that abuse their power to attempt to control the people of the world.

An unspecified time later, the Super Turtles battle Shreddarius and a select number of Terrorkinetics - Slaythereen, Frisbat, Armorgga, Gnet Gnet, and K'nign. The Super Turtles defeat the six of them, but then feel the eyes of another on them... an Utrom scientist looking into their world from the standard TMNT universe.


The Super Turtles

  • Graviturtle (formerly known as 'Captain Gravity' in Laird's 1993 sketches) - Graviturtle is the counterpart of Leonardo. He acts as the leader of the Super Turtles and has the gift of gravity manipulation, which he controls through his whip as a focus.
  • Shellectro (formerly known as 'Electroboy' in Laird's 1993 sketches) - Shellectro is an alternate version of Donatello. He has the talent to produce electrical discharges that he can fire as lightning or even use to fly. He is also able to manipulate electrokinetic electricity flows.
  • Griddex (formerly known as 'Grid' in Laird's 1993 sketches) - Griddex is the superhero version of Raphael. He has super strength and is able to change his size; with these characteristics, he works as the muscle man of his team. Usually Griddex is in giant form in battle.
  • Blobboid (formerly known as 'Mr. Blob' in Laird's 1993 sketches) - Blobboid is the superhero version of Michelangelo. His body has a slimy consistency which allows him to change his shape and his appearance at will, to stretch his limbs and to pass through attacks by itself.
  • Case Jonas and Neil O'Malley - Two former assistant of Doctor Shreddariu and the counterparts of Casey Jones and April O'Neil (where O'Malley is of the male sex and wears glasses).


  • Doctor Shreddarius - The counterpart of Shredder in the world of the Super Turtles. After the accident that created the Super Turtles, he was seriously injured. In order to maintain his vital functions, he wraps himself in a suit of armor.
    • Sliver - Sliver is the counterpart of Splinter. Unlike Splinter, he is not a father figure to the Turtles. His entire loyalty belongs to Dr. Shreddarius instead.
    • The Terrorkinetics - A cyborg army created by Shreddarius. Most are mixtures of mechanical components and animal biomass.
      • Armorgga - A humanoid cyborg who is the leader of the Terrorkinetics. He appears to be partly of human origin.
      • Slaythereen - A steel cobra who is a member of the Terrorkinetics.
      • Gnet Gnet - A short stature humanoid cyborg who is a member of the Terrorkinetics.
      • Kngign - A cyborg with a dog body and steel teeth who is a member of the Terrorkinetics.
      • Frisbat - A jellyfish-like, disc-shaped, airworthy cyborg who is a member of the Terrorkinetics.
  • Lucks - A shrewd politician, used the fear of an non-existent alien threat to keep humanity through under his rule.


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