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An alternate dimension version of Super Shredder is the main antagonist of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Madness. They are brought to the standard 1987 video game reality when Donatello "stabilizes" the dimensional rip that Krang had been using to attempt to power his Technodrome. Immediately, this Super Shredder goes to work recruiting characters from other dimensions as their minions. While these extradimensional minions include evil versions of the Ninja Turtles and their friends and allies, they are represented in-game as the standard versions, and Super Shredder is unique in design and their role as chief villain.

This Super Shredder has not yet explicitly been stated to be Oroku Saki, and when asked about their identity, Kongregate community manager Elle Johnson stated they may explore the character's background in the future, joking that they could potentially be Miyoko Saki.

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