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Super Robo Mecha Force Five! or SRMFF for short, is a fictional 1980s anime television series appearing in the 2012 TV series' second season, that Mikey introduced to his turtle brothers after finding a bunch of old video tapes, including those of SRMFF, in a dumpster. Unlike the first season's Space Heroes, which SRMFF acts as a spiritual successor to, the Turtles quickly all became obsessed with the show.

The series is mainly a parody of the animated series Voltron and includes elements of the anime Voltes V, Mazinger Z, and the tokusatu Super Sentai (which is adapted to make the American series, Power Rangers).

SRMFF kicked off the episode with some great anime satire, including archetypal team characters - including the leader, the scientist, the princess, the brute - and an adorable animal sidekick named Squeakums.

SRMFF also presents a variant on the "captain slap" from Space Heroes.



The titular heroes of SRMFF

Main Characters

  • Mighty Super Robo Mecha - The super robot piloted by the Super Robo Mecha Force Five.
  • Captain Dash Coolstar (voiced by Brian Bloom) - The leader of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five who pilots Mighty Super Robo Mecha's torso.
  • Dr. Blip (voiced by Scott Menville) - The scientific member of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five and creator of Mighty Super Robo Mecha, whose right leg he pilots.
  • Squeakums - The animal sidekick of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five who pilots Mighty Super Robo Mecha's right arm.
  • Lunk (voiced by Nolan North) - The strong and tall member of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five who has attitude and pilots Mighty Super Robo Mecha's left arm.
  • Princess (voiced by Mae Whitman) - The princess of an unnamed planet who is a member of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five and pilots Mighty Super Robo Mecha's left leg.

NOTE: All of the characters are meant to represent the characters in the TMNT series based on their characteristics and behaviors. Captain Coolstar, Dr. Blip, Lunk, Squeakums and Princess being homages to Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey and April in this order (Princess and April even share the same voice actress).


Episodes featuring "SRMFF"

  • Mutagen Man Unleashed - After Mikey shows the tapes of the show to his fellow Turtles, they watch an episode of it where the Super Robo Mecha Force Five face off against the Kill Beast Bots. Dr. Blip also tries to invite Princess out on a date, but she turns him down. Later, Princess ends up falling for Dr. Blip after he saves her from a Kill Beast Bot.
  • Target: April O'Neil - The Super Robo Mecha Force Five face off against a Giant Space Squid, but soon after it is destroyed, Princess quits the team (for the 28th time) due to the others having forgotten her birthday. She comes back by the end of the episode.
  • The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones - Cyberoid X infiltrates Super Robo Mecha Headquarters and captures the Super Robo Mecha Force Five in "force bubbles".
  • Fungus Humungous - General Unsura hijacks the Mighty Super Robo Mecha and stomps on Captain Dash Coolstar. According to Mikey, Coolstar was apparently crushed for real in the original Japanese version (spoofing how Voltron censored the death of a character in the original version to simply writing him out of the main plot).
  • Mazes & Mutants - Mind Master makes an attempt to take control of Captain Dash Coolstar's mind, but with encouragement from Princess, Coolstar manages to break free.
  • Pizza Face - The Super Robo Mecha Force Five face off against the mechanical Hydra Beast, which makes an attempt at eating Princess' leg unit of Mighty Super Robo Mecha.
  • The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto - N/A
  • Plan 10 - Skele-Lord faces off against the Super Robo Mecha Force Five twice: once on his own (foiling their battle charge but then getting stomped on by Mighty Super Robo Mecha) and the second time in his own robot (again foiled by several power attacks from MSRM).
  • Into Dimension X! - In the final episode, the Cyberoid fleet face off against the Super Robo Mecha Force Five where they are forced to retreat into a wormhole.


Princess - Oh no! Super bad times for all!

Captain Coolstar - Does great danger arrive? where?

Dr. Blip - Captain Coolstar what are we going to do?

Captain Coolstar (Slaps Dr. Blip in the face) - Get a hold of yourself, man!

Lunk - Don't worry Squeakums, we'll blast'em all with mighty Super Robot Mecha!

Captain Coolstar- Team, combine in teamwork mode!

Team - Super... Robo... Mecha... Force... Five... Team... Five... Go!

Raphael - What the heck is this nonsense? It's terrible!

Michelangelo - Terribly awesome, I found this old tapes in a dumpster.

Leonardo - Tapes?

Michelangelo - Check it out!

Leonardo - Dude, this is awful, and you guys complain about Space Heroes.

Raphael - Their lips don't even match what they're saying, I could never watch a show this bad.

Princess - There are too many of them, Captain!

Raphael - So, she is the princess of an entire planet? Cool!

Michelangelo - Yeah, and she also pilots the robot's left leg, she rules. But that scientist MADE the robot.

Donatello - The story has such an intricate plot Four stars!

Dr. Blip - P-p-p-princess, I'd like to invite you for space dinner, if you please. Yes, I...

Princess - What? I date a weakling like you? Not for 10,000 zarcon crystals.

Michelangelo - Donnie, that is so you and April, dude.

Donatello - It is not. Meh, this show is lame anyway, the plot makes zero sense. I'll be in the lab.

Princess - Oh, Dr. Blip! You saved me with all of your might and brave intelligence! How I adore this!


  • This TV-Series is a clear parody to the real series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (short: SRMTHFG) created by Ciro Nieli, as well as tokusatsu anime such as Voltron and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.
    • Coincidentally, Greg Cipes, voice actor of Michelangelo for the 2012 series, also provides the voice of Chiro, as of the fact these series are both produced by Ciro Nieli.
  • A rather obvious homage to the pleathora of Japanese animated programs featuing Giant robots often dubbed "Mecha".
  • Some of the episodes reflect on Donnie's life.


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