Super Irma
1987 TV series episode
EP Super Irma.png
Season Code: 06
Episode: 03
Original airdate September 26, 1992
Written by David Wise
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"Krangenstein Lives" "Adventures in Turtles-Sitting"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1992 Season
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  3. "Super Irma"
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  15. "Mr. Nice Guy"
  16. "Sleuth on the Loose"

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Super Irma is a season 6 episode of the 1987-1996 TV series.


While the Turtles are busy trying to decide what costumes to wear to this year's Channel 6 Halloween party, April and Irma are doing a story on the "reverse polarity magnet" at Magno-Dyne Labs. While at the Labs, Irma falls into some "goop" that the good Professor Chumley describes as harmless. Nonetheless, she feels ill and goes straight home. 

Meanwhile, inside the Technodrome on the Arctic Ocean floor, Krang and Shredder watch April's broadcast and decide that the "reverse polarity magnet" device is just what they need to rule the world. 

Later that night, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break into Magno-Dyne Labs and attempt to steal the Professor's invention. As fate would have it, Irma is walking by in her Halloween costume (which looks like Wonder Woman's in design). As she passes by, Irma is accidentally "zapped" by the magnet device when Bebop accidentally turns it on. 

When Shredder and company try to "take care" of Irma, they find themselves being "taken care of," as Irma inadvertently displays super powers. 

Later, on the way home from the party, Irma tries to convince both the Turtles and April of her new found powers. No one believes her, until April and Irma separate from the Turtles and are confronted by two muggers in a dark alley. 

April and the Turtles become believers as they witness Irma's spectacular super powers. But Irma is now out of control. She sees herself as the new crime fighter in town and is determined to right all wrongs. Fortunately, Donatello planted a tracking device on her before she fled from the alley in pursuit of evil-doers everywhere. 

So our intrepid heroes follow Irma around town, all night long, saving herself from herself, that is until the inevitable happens -- Irma finds herself trapped inside a Transport Module, with Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and the "reverse polarity magnet machine," headed for the Technodrome. 

The Turtles learn that Irma's super powers will wear off in five minutes. Meanwhile, Krang tests the "reverse polarity magnet" machine on a battleship, doing target practice on a mothball fleet in the harbor, by lifting it out of the ocean and flying it across the city skyline. 

With the flip of a switch, the Turtle Van becomes a Turtle Sub and the TMNT race to the Technodrome, rescue Irma, and gently put the battleship down on a busy thoroughfare. 

Donatello then rewires the controls to turn the "reverse polarity magnet" machine into a regular magnet machine -- which means the mothball fleet will be pulled down under water and drawn toward the Technodrome, destroying it.




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Animation Errors

  • When Irma gets locked in the safe and she hunches over saying, "...but nothing gets in the way of Super Irma!" her body's chest area is not only drawn at the wrong angle, but her eyes are slightly off.
  • Bebop's mohawk turns brown when Krang is scolding Shredder.
  • Not so much an error, but Bebop's skull neckwear's outline gets noticeably thicker when Shredder vows to retrieve the super magnet. As soon as he turns, it's back to normal.
  • After Shredder and Krang flee through the garbage shoot, Raphael and Leonardo's masks are switched.
  • Shredder's Transport Module's main hatch door opens downwards when he and the mutants are in the professor's lab and is missing its front top tread when they load the Reverse Polarity Magnet into it.

Continuity Error

  • How does Irma know what the interior of the Technodrome look like? Reply: she’s been there twice before in season 4.

Logic Errors

  • When the professor shuts off the magnet, it falls straight down from the magnet with a loud clang. Somehow, it ends up falling on the professor's foot, despite the camera angles suggesting that he's nowhere near where the anvil is going to drop. To compound the issue further, an extremely heavy anvil falls on a man's foot in plain view of three people watching his every move, and nobody notices until he points it out?
  • The episode implies that Irma has control over magnetism, so why would a magnetic beam aimed at a body part of Shredder's that wasn't covered in metal at all bowl him over?
  • Shredder orders Bebop and Rocksteady to get Irma once the latter knocks him over, but in the next shot, they're all running away from her.
  • What reason did the Turtles have for just leaving April and Irma all of a sudden? Shouldn't they have waited until they were escorted home safely first?
  • Remember, kids! When using dynamite to blow open a safe, don't run and hide from the blast! Stand right in front of it! Oddly enough, after the Turtles do get hit by the blast, they manage to get away merely dazed.
    • Also, the safe door in the aftermath of the blast is clearly not in a logical place. From the way it's positioned, the impact would have had to happen from the inside of the safe.
  • Irma overhears of a break-in at Magno Dyne labs from a police broadcast, and yet no police are seen when it cuts to the scene of the crime.
  • When the Transport Module burrows under the lab, lava immediately flows from the hole made. Aside from the fact that this is just impossible, recall for a second that the Technodrome is currently underwater, not at the center of the Earth!
  • For that matter, any time the transport modules leave and enter the Technodrome during its entire underwater duration, how exactly are the modules leaving and entering it without flooding the thing? And even worse, how do they dig through the false island and magically end up back in the Technodrome...?
  • When Irma falls into the transport module before they enter it, how do Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady manage to not see her inside?


  • Leonardo does a title drop when Splinter suggests that the Turtles go as themselves at the costume party. Subtle.
  • This is the first appearance of the Turtle Van's "Submarine Mode". Donatello comments, however, that it can't handle a lot of underwater pressure, which would have some basis in fact due to it primarily being a land vehicle.
  • This is the second time Shredder uses a sword for combat only to have it break like a cheap butter knife later on. The first instance would be in the episode "Shredder & Splintered".
  • This is the third and final time Irma visits the Technodrome. The other two times were in the episodes: "The Dimension X Story" and "The Foot Soldiers are Revolting".
  • When the Turtles are discussing what to wear at the Halloween party, Leonardo holds up an Elvis Presley outfit.
  • Donatello references the sinking of the Titanic when the Turtles escape from the Technodrome.
  • Irma wears a leotard, cape and boots that strongly appear to be based on Wonder Woman.
  • First appearance of the Technodrome's main eyeball control room.
  • April wears a costume that is similar to a costume she wore in "April Fool".
  • Irma wears her superhero costume in her appearance in Kongregate's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Madness 2020 mobile game.


Shredder: This time, the anti-magnet is ours!
Bebop: And this time, there's no Super Irma to stop us!
Irma: Hm. That's what they think. *trips over cape* WOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!
*falls into Transport Module*
Shredder: What was that?
Rocksteady: Very heavy mice?
Bebop: Very noisy termites?
Shredder: It serves me right for asking you two lunkheads!

-The dreaded master of the Foot Clan does not know what a screaming woman sounds like.

Shredder: How the devil did she get all the way down here?!
Krang: Truly, she is a woman of skill.

-Krang - truly a master of deadpan snark.


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