"Super Brawl 4" is a flash versus fighting game with many Nickelodeon properties. Each one of the characters has a superhero disguise that they use in combat.


Playable Roster

  • Sky Whale as himself
  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Invincibubble
  • Patrick as Mr. Superawesomeness
  • Sanjay and Craig as Remington Tufflips
  • Leonardo as Captain Ryan
  • Michelangelo as Tur-fly-tle
  • Donatello as Dash Coolstar
  • Raphael as Crognard The Barbarian
  • Red Ranger as himself
  • Pink Ranger as herself
  • Breadwinners as The Bread Maker
  • Harvey Beaks as Night Maid
  • Korra in the Avatar state
  • Banana as Super Crazy Eyeball Dude
  • Spongebob Squarepants as Mermaid Man
  • Patrick as Barnacle Boy
  • Plankton in a robo-suit
  • Goat as Oatmeal Girl
  • Henry Hart as Kid Danger
  • Timmy as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder



Character select

  • Sky Whale: "Whoohoohoohoo!"
  • Spongebob: "We can do it!"
  • Patrick: "All right!"
  • Sanjay and Craig: "All right!"
  • Leo: "All right goes, let's do this!"
  • Mikey: "It's go time!"
  • Don: "Booyakasha!"
  • Raph: "Crognard the Barbarian!"
  • Red Ranger: "Yeah-heah!"
  • Pink Ranger: "Here! Hi!"
  • Breadwinners: "Heh heh ha ha woohoohoo!"
  • Harvey Beaks: "Go go go go!"
  • Korra: "Let's do this!"
  • Banana: "Banana!"
  • Plankton: "Heh heh ha ha ha ha!"
  • Goat: "Goat!"
  • Henry Hart: "I'm Kid Danger!"
  • Timmy: "Up, up and away!"


  • Leo: "Oh yeah!"
  • Mikey: "We won!"
  • Don: "Like a turtle do!"
  • Raph: "Time to pack it in."
  • Pink Ranger: "I hope that stings!"


  • Spongebob: "You vile fiend!"
  • Leo: "Noo!"
  • Mikey: "Noo!"
  • Raph: "Awww!"
  • Pink Ranger: "This doesn't look good!"
  • Korra: "Unbelievable..."
  • Henry: "My gosh!"
  • Timmy: "I'm not in any real trouble, right?"
  • Tiger Claw: "Nooo!"

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