Biographical information

Asian (Indian) (in human disguise)[1]


Googly-Girl (by April O'Neil)


Human disguise (via Cloaking brooch)
Bodily reformation


Exploding Frankie (father)
Grand-Googly (grandparent)

Physical description

Slime Yōkai


None (in true form)
Black (in human disguise)

Eye color

Yellow (in true form)
Black (in human disguise)

Out of universe information
First appearance
Created by
Voiced by
Teachers and Students
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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sunita is a slime-based Yōkai who disguises herself as a human and attends April O'Neil's high school.

Physical Appearance

True Form

Sunita is a teenage Yōkai whose body is entirely composed of green slime in a vaguely humanoid shape. She often doesn't have a distinct foot shape, her legs falling into a puddle against the ground. She has a fringe of "hair" (made of slime) covering the left side of her face, yellow eyes, and off-white teeth.

Human Disguise

In her human disguise, Sunita is a teenage Indian girl with straight black hair styled in a bob cut, black eyes, dark brown skin, and a medium figure. She wears a long-sleeved light pink blouse and a magenta dress with a dark purple ruffle and high collar, magenta Mary Jane flats, a dark purple headband, and a gold cloaking brooch on her chest with a green gem in the center. She also wears matte dark pink lipstick and a gold piercing on the left side of her nose.

In "Operation: Normal", she wore a pair of silver boots and white cat socks.


Sunita is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and feisty, embracing herself as a Yōkai in everyday life. She enjoys trying out new things and is open to experiencing all the sights and activities New York City has to offer.

Sunita isn't afraid to fight and defend others, seen when she is very ready to physically confront the Foot Clan in "Operation: Normal" and fends off Foot Brute when he attacks Donatello, who is a stranger to her at that point.


Sunita debuted in "Operation: Normal" as a new student and was assigned as April O'Neil's lab partner. She quickly befriended April and they later toured New York together. When the she wanted a normal life, Sunita had to disguise herself as a human to avoid being captured by the Foot.

Sunita and April watched the lair together for Splinter and the Turtles in "Cloak and Swaggart", but when the two of them went out to see a DIGG concert, Sunita's cloaking brooch went missing at the venue. They hunted down the thief, Meat Sweats, and fought him to take back her brooch.


  • Self-explosion: Like her father, Exploding Frankie, Sunita can explode her body at will.
    • Bodily reformation: Once she explodes, Sunita can reassemble herself back into her natural form. The amount of slime that makes up Sunita's body is fixed and as such she needs every bit in order to fully reform. She can still perceive touch even after her body explodes.
  • Cloaking brooch: Using her cloaking brooch, Sunita can shift between her true Yōkai form and her human disguise.



  • Sunita's parent(s)
    • Exploding Frankie: Exploding Frankie is Sunita's father. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.
  • Grand-Googly: Grand-Googly is Sunita's presumed grandparent who gifted Sunita with her cloaking brooch. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.

Friends and Allies

  • The Mad Dogs: Once Sunita befriended April in "Operation: Normal", she became a friend to the rest of the Mad Dogs as well and hangs out at their lair.
    • April O'Neil: Sunita is April's friend as well as her lab partner in their biology class. Like April, Sunita also wanted some normalcy despite being a Yōkai. She is very accepting of April's flaws and deeply trusts her. They share a love of unicorns as seen in "Operation: Normal" and hang out regularly.
    • Donatello: Donnie tried to ensure that Sunita and April could hang out together undisturbed in "Operation: Normal". Sunita called him "fake pearls" and curtly told him to get off of her slime, but seems to be fine with him.
    • Leonardo: Leo tried to ensure that Sunita and April could hang out together undisturbed in "Operation: Normal". Sunita thought that he was a "cute old lady" in his Patty disguise and seems to be fine with him.
    • Raphael: Sunita has not been shown interacting with Raph.
    • Michelangelo: Sunita has not been shown interacting with Mikey.
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Though Sunita has not been shown interacting with Splinter, he trusted her to house-sit the lair while he taught the Turtles wilderness survival training in "Cloak and Swaggart".


  • Rupert Swaggart / Meat Sweats: April mentioned Meat Sweats to her in "Operation Normal", but Sunita didn't meet him until he stole her cloaking brooch in "Cloak and Swaggart" to regain his human form. Sunita and April worked together to successfully take it back from him.
  • The Foot Clan: In her debut episode, Sunita wore a pair of boots that turned out to be parts of the Kuroi Yōroi leading her to be targeted by Foot Recruit and Foot Brute. She was very irritated by them following her for several days prior to meeting April and wanted to disguise herself to escape their relentless pursuit.



  • Sunita reveals in "Cloak and Swaggart" that she received her cloaking brooch as a gift from her Grand-Googly and because of that she cherishes it.