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Sun and Steel is issue 20 of the TMNT Adventures, and was published in May 1991.


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

After a recap of the events of The Mighty Mutanimals (Miniseries) #1, the Turtles, Splinter and April O'Neil find themselves on the run from a police helicopter. They make it out of Null's skyscraper and into a nearby alley where they fish through a charity donation bin for disguises.

Leo (dressed as a rabbi), Don (dressed as an old lady), Mike (dressed as Flava Flav), Splinter (already in disguise) and April escape into Chinatown and, at Splinter’s request, decide to take their mind off the recent disappearance of Raphael with a little shopping. Splinter leads them to one of his favorite haunts, the Warrior Dragon Curio Shop, only to find it on fire.

The shop owner (Fu Shong) attempts to rescue his antiques from the blaze, including a strange flask shaped like a dragon, but is stopped by police for his own safety. Just then, a baby’s cry can be heard coming from the apartments above the shop and a lady in the crowd screams for her child’s life. One of the firemen on the scene, Chu Hsi, runs into the building as the fire grows even more out of control. He pulls the baby out of her crib, only to have the ceiling collapse on him. The curio shop owner can’t bear to let Chu and the baby die and hurls the dragon-shaped flask into the apartment.

The flask smashes in front of Chu, releasing a green mist. The mist transforms Chu into a giant yellow dragon who returns the baby safe and sound to her mother before collapsing and reverting to his human self. The Turtles, Splinter and April collect the unconscious Chu and receive aid from the old shop owner, who offers to help Chu recover at his home.

Elsewhere, reporters are everywhere as the mysterious fire burns out of control across all of Chinatown. Only one building seems immune to the blaze and it turns out to be a front for one of the Shredders’ old warehouses. A gigantic Foot Super Soldier bursts out of the warehouse and begins stomping across the city.

At the Fu Shong’s (condemned) apartment, he and Splinter nurse Chu back to health via herbs and acupuncture. The Turtles hear all the stomping and rush outside to find the giant Foot Soldier destroying fire trucks. They attempt to hurt its feet with their weapons, but have to effect. Don then comes up with the idea to climb onto its back. The Turtles do so, but find they’re having the same level of success as when they were attacking its feet.

At the old man’s place, Chu finally comes to. Fu Shong explains that contained within the flask he threw was the spirit of the great Warrior Dragon, which has now merged with Chu. Splinter asks Chu if he can summon the Warrior Dragon again to save the city.

Outside, the Foot Soldier is doing his dirty work until he is disturbed by a tap on the shoulder. The tap is from the Warrior Dragon, who follows it up with a left hook to the face. The giant Foot Soldier responds quickly by knocking the Warrior Dragon out of Chinatown and into the river. The Foot Soldier then follows him into the water and the two wrestle their way toward the Statue of Liberty. The Warrior Dragon collects the Turtles onto his shoulder, then sends the giant Foot Soldier flying toward Lady Liberty, where it is immediately impaled on her torch.

Back in Chinatown, the fire has finally died. The Fu Shong and Chu thank the Turtles, Splinter and April for their help and bid them farewell. As they leave, Mike wonders if there are any pizzerias in Chinatown.[1]



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