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The Solar crystal or the Sun Crystal is a special crystal that for the series continuity of the 2003 animated series was created.

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The exact origin of this crystal is unknown. It does not come from Earth

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(and does not seem natural there), but came down from space as a meteor shower thousands of years ago. The remains of this shower, which are featured in the series, are the only known supplies of this type of crystal.

The solar crystal serves as a store of cosmic energies, the supply of which can come up for centuries or even millennia after being charged according to the intensity and size of the crystal. Smaller crystals (such as fist size) are usually unable to store the energy for a particularly long time, especially when used much, but within the radiation field of a larger crystal memory, they can be indefinitely long used.  Two crystal fragments For this, the crystals are susceptible to thought waves; they can either provide visions to a dreamer who is in their immediate vicinity or, with appropriate practice, provide their user with the energy they contain. Thus, various supernatural effects can be obtained, which, among other things Y'Lyntianer exploded to mutate human slaves to new environmental entities to use them as a weapon similar to a laser beam, beings of pure magma to create, or to the sunken in the sea Y'Lyntius to raise again to the surface of the earth.

The crystals in liquefied form the crystals themselves are largely immune to most influences that could damage other materials; various fragments of this crystal have survived even a prolonged stay in liquid lava intact. The only known method of dissolving the solid form of the crystals is by irradiation with an ultrasonic frequency which relaxes the molecular bonds of the crystals and liquefies them.


As mentioned above, the solar crystal found its way to the earth as a meteor shower - more precisely, to the island of Y'Lyntius , whose inhabitants quickly learned to use the crystals and thus made a tremendous technical and cultural step forward. However, the power that the crystals gave the Y'Lyntians soon made them arrogant tyrants and let them abuse them for evil purposes. When the humans finally rose, the Y'Lyntians used the energy of the crystal as a weapon against the attackers, but as their slaves rebelled, some of the energy used by the Y'Lyntians was reflected back to the solar crystal, causing a catastrophic chain reaction that caused the island to sink into the sea.  The Crystal Moon of New Y'Lyntius However, the Y'Lyntians were able to recover some of the crystals and use them to further their culture. The largest known fragment, the Crystal Moon , was used to energize its new main colony, New Y'Lyntius . However, as his energy began to dry up, most of the Y'Lyntians, under the Archmage'ssupervision, went into a deep sleep that would end only when a cosmic constellation energized the crystal. At that time, the Foot Clan also found at least one fragment of the crystal and used it to feed an underground genetics lab, as well as the Turtlesfound several of these crystals in their new hideout, which later turned out to be an ancient Y'Lyntian observation post.

When the Y'Lyntians attempted to bring their old sunken homeland back to the surface after their resurrection (despite the geological disasters that would haunt the earth during this process), the Turtles and the moderate Y'Lyntian Versallia prevented this plan by: they caused fatal energy feedback just as they did when Y'Lyntius was annihilated. New Y'Lyntius was completely destroyed in this catastrophe, and its crystal moon fell into the lava lake that surrounded the colony. The current whereabouts of the Crystal Moon are unknown.


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