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Sumo Kuma
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Sumo Kuma is a character in the 2012 TV series.


Sumo Kuma is the leader of a group of ronin that attacked Akemi's village on Jei's behalf. In reality, he was brainwashed by Jei and is the head monk of the Temple of the Sky Buddha.


Sumo Kuma appeared as an anthropomorphic brown bear. He had light-golden brown colored eyes, and a small bun of hair on top of his head. For attire, he wore a sumo robe with orange, blue, black, and gold colors. There were golden flowers on the shoulder parts of it, red-orange hexagon patterns on the sides plus bandana around his head, blue flowers on the belt, and blue triangle patterns with the background black as the sleeves. He also carried a kanabo on his back, as his weapon.


Under Jei's brainwashing, Sumo Kuma is merciless in attacking his foes, whether with his club, or dawning his sumo robes to sumo wrestle them, as he only serves Jei with utmost loyalty.

Once free of the brainwashing, Sumo Kuma is much friendlier and apologetic for his actions under Jei. He also proves his position as head monk with sagely advice to the young Kintaro as to how he could use his powers to aid the Turtles with returning home to their world and promising to raise Kintaro well in the guidance of his temple's teachings.


  • Kuma means "bear" in Japanese.
  • Sumo Kuma never appeared in the Usagi Yojimbo comics. He was created for this television series.


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