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Lord Incubor

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Mirage Studios

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Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #3

Created by

Bill Moulage
Jim Lawson


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the miniseries Raphael: Bad Moon Rising, there are demonic female beings known as succubi (singular: succubus) who can supernaturally seduce other beings. In the story, they live in the parallel dimension of Nocturna, and some serve Lord Incubor, himself an incubus.

In the story, Raphael, his niece Shadow Jones, and friends Sloane and Lulu have joined an attack led by Lord Chiton to rescue Chiton's ex-wife and Lulu's mother Lilith from Lord Incubor's tower. During the raid, Raph alone encounters three beautiful women resembling Shadow, Sloane and Lulu, but looking like adults and appearing far more sexually provocative. Raph has little ability to think or act, as these women already have him under their spell from the moment he noticed them—they are some of Incubor's succubi. Once ensnared, the women reveal a more monstrous nature and prepare to bite him with their sharp fangs, but they are interrupted by the real Sloane in her werewolf form. She is soon joined by the real Shadow, and they start combat against the other women. This is enough to disrupt their spell over Raph, who also joins in on the fight. The real Lulu arrives and magically illuminates the room with a brilliant white light, weakening the succubi. Raph spares the succubi's lives in exchange for telling him where to find Lilith.


  • Succubi and incubi are malevolent beings of both Jewish and Christian demonology. It was believed that succubi could visit people in their dreams and seduce them, and that repeated sexual activity with a succubus could harm health, mental state, or even cause death. While traditionally portrayed as predatory dream characters, modern fantasy incarnations of them are often depicted as demons existing outside of dreams.
  • The succubi in the story behave in a way strongly resembling the often highly sexualized portrayals of undead vampires, up to and including luring people to sink fangs into them. But succubi are not traditionally portrayed as beings who feed on others for sustenance, but more as demons who harm their victims through sex itself. In any event, the succubi in the story do not succeed in claiming their victim, so the effects of their attack are never portrayed or commented on.
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