Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

It's a machine invented by the Ratt Pak. It was capable of psionically addicting it's viewers and ultimately subverting their wills. The device works only when the subjects stare at the SMG encoded images for at least an hour. These messages need to be encoded into a delivery system like film or can be broadcast digitally over the Internet, cell phones, etc.

When a group of heroes attacked SoloChem, the Ratt Pack used the opportunity to steal their SMG and flee to L.A. where they set up a base at the Monolithic Movie Studio (one of the top six largest studios in the country). They set up an alliance with unscrupulous movie mogul Lambert Bullwark to encode new movies made by the studio with the powerful subliminal messages. The audience will believe anything. No matter how bad made a movie, the audience will love it, and keep coming back to watch them. If their plan works, they could sell any form of advertising, political candidates, anything is possible.

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