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Junk Man

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Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

This article is for the character. For the short story, see Junk Man.

In the Mirage continuity, Junkman (Subject A) is an alien friend of Donatello.


"Junkman" and his companion "Junkwoman" (their real names are not known) were two aliens made ​​of pure energy that were for unknown reasons sent to the Earth in 1959 AD. There they were captured by the US Air Force and detained in vacuum tubes, probably for study purposes. But, for some unexplained reason, however, the Air Force base was abandoned, and the two prisoners were forgotten.

In the end the two sealed tubes were retrieved from the abandoned base by a electrical company called Data Tek and dumped in the junkyard of Ed's Electronic Salvage. Donatello, who was in search of new electronic components in the scrap yard, accidentally found Junkman's vacuum tube and broke it. Once freed, but almost insane from his long imprisonment, Junkman mistook Donatello for one of his human tormentors and attacked him. Because he in his natural form of energy could not hurt the turtle, he built himself a robot body from the surrounding scrap.

During the fight, however, Donatello accidentally lifted the box with Junkwoman's vacuum tube, which brought Junkman to his senses. To his supplication Donatello freed the prisoner, and the two aliens were happily reunited with each other. In return for his aid Junkman and Junkwoman accompanied their savior back to his home, where they gave up their artificial bodies and finally could start their return home, thus saving Donatello the trouble of having to drag his new electric parts home alone.


According to the blog page of Ryan Brown and Steve Lavigne, various designs of Junkman for an action figure were prepared by Mirage Studios, but rejected by Playmates Toys. One of these had a prototype stolen from Anaglyph Studios, the sculptor, where the thief (or the recipient of the stolen prototype) attempted to sell it on eBay as "Radio Boy".[1]



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