Stun Laser
Weapon type
Type of Weapon

direct-energy weapon

Weapon name

Bebop, Rocksteady


1987 TV series


Stun Lasers were the common laser blaster weapons used by Bebop and Rocksteady throughout the 1987–1996 animated television series. The weapons changed appearance during the first three seasons.  

Seasons 1 and 2

The Stun Lasers in the first two seasons resembled Earth weapons but fired laser blasts instead of bullets albeit Rocksteady carried a full fledged bullet rifle against the Turtles for one time only in Shredder and Splintered, This would be the only time he carried a real world gun due to the amount of violence that was toned down from the Season 2 onwards.

In Splinter No More, Bebop and Rocksteady hit the Turtles with their stun laser guns, temporary knocking them unconscious.

Seasons 3 to 8

Starting from the episode Beneath These Streets in Season 3 both Bebop and Rocksteady, the Foot Soldiers (and on occasion, Shredder) carried new style stun lasers which could possibly have been acquired from Dimension X, they were white in colour and were available in both a rifle and a pistol.

In the episode Beware the Lotus, a Foot Soldier hits Splinter with the stun guns. Knocked unconscious, Splinter is kidnapped by Lotus Blossom.


  • From Season 6 until their final appearance in Season 8 the stun lasers are referred to as simply 'Laser Blasters'.

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