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The Street Phantoms are a group of tech-enabled thieves lead by Jammer in IDW's TMNT comic series. The Street Phantoms work for Darius Dun as enforcers and thieves, procuring what Dun needs and doing what he needs done. Using their high-tech phasing cloaks they are able to become insubstantial, allowing them to avoid attacks and phase through solid objects.

Despite their superior technology, the Street Phantoms were ultimately defeated by a combination of Harold Lillja's technology and the Turtles' fighting prowess. The Phantoms were stripped of their cloaks and other gear, and permitted to leave.



The leader of the Street Phantoms. He wears a mask with a single eye-slit visor and a filter-like mouthpiece, and wields a bat-like electrified club. He was defeated by Donatello, who smashed his mask.


She wears a mask with four eyes and wields a small knife. She repeatedly came into conflict with Angel Bridge, who ultimately defeated her.


He wears a mask with two visors, and wields a large hammer. He was defeated by Michelangelo's enhanced Turtle Line.

Unnamed Member #1

He wears a mask with two large eyes, and wields a double-ended scythe.

Unnamed Member #2

He wears a mask with one large round eye.

Unnamed Member #3

He wears a mask with four small round eyes.

Unnamed Member #4

He wears a mask with two round eyes.


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