Stockman's Exo Suit appears as a boss in chapter 6 of the 2003 console/PC game if you are playing as Donatello.

Baxter Stockman confronts you in a mechanized combat suit. It has a fireball launcher, a Gatling gun, and a laser cannon, and can grab you and throw you. The throw does very little (if any) damage, but puts you within range of the fireball launcher. Dash to avoid the fireballs as you approach the doctor, and use air attacks to hit him in the cockpit. Stay close to him to avoid his spinning attack with the Gatling gun, and move away from him when he covers the cockpit with one hand - he's about to send down a rain of explosive lasers. Once the cockpit shatters completely, Stockman becomes vulnerable to regular attacks. Close in and finish breaking his toy with combos.

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