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Chief Sterns
Biographical information

New York City, Earth


Chief of Police


New York Police Department

Physical description







250 lb.

Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

1990 film, Secret of the Ooze

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (film)

Played by

Raymond Serra

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Chief Sterns is the blustery, ineffective New York City police chief in the New Line Cinema film series.

He was unable to deal with the crime wave occurring in the city. Unlike April O'Neil, the chief doubts The Foot exists, failing to see any connection between events that happened in Japan years ago and current crimes happening all the way across the world in the United States, reasoning that there must be more concrete evidence needed to link the events. His dismissal of the rationale of the crimes is stated that "You expect me to do something because a few immigrants are reminded of something that happened years ago in Japan"? Later on one of his men arrests Danny Pennington for shoplifiting. Chief Sterns makes a deal with Charles Pennington of Channel 6. He asks Pennington to get April O'Neil off the issue of the Clan robberies. In exchange, Chief Sterns will agree to go easy on the kid.

Despite his bombast, Chief Sterns and his men ultimately do put an end to the crime wave when many teenagers from the Clan defect and direct the NYPD to "the warehouse east of Lairdman Avenue" to recover the stolen goods. With knowledge of the Clan indeed proven, the NYPD is now better prepared to combat the robberies.

In the second film, Chief Sterns is of a calmer nature, but still reluctant to advertise all problems. After the destruction of a city quarter by Rahzar and Tokka, workmen are repairing the damage and rebuilding the following morning. The NYPD covers the scene, and Chief Sterns insists the damage was minimal. April questions him about claw and tooth marks, and Sterns is shocked she knows of those irregular signs. However, this time April agrees with Sterns that this story needs to be kept under wraps, partly due to insufficient investigation and also that publicity of Tokka and Rahzar could cause panic among the citizenry as well as the police being ill-equipped to deal with them.

He appeared in the first movie, and in one scene of the second movie.

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