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Biographical information





Stainless Steve Steel



Weapon(s) of choice

His metal face plate


Comic book store owner
(formerly) Super Hero


Justice Force
Ninja Turtles

Physical description




Hair color

Gray, (formerly) Black

Eye color

Black, Grey

Out of universe information

2003 TV series, Back to the Sewer

First appearance

Return of the Justice Force

Created by

Peter Laird

Voiced by

David Wills

Teachers and Students

Justice Force


Stephen, also known as Stainless Steve Steel , is a superhero veteran member/leader of the Justice Force and a friend of the Ninja turtles. He first appeared in the episode Return of the Justice Force. He is very similar to Adam West.


The history of the old Justice Force coincides with the Mirage template, but with some modifications. As first seen in Return of the Justice Force, Steve has feelings for his teammate Battling Bernice (who also had feelings for Doctor Dome). Bernice secretly had a daughter with Dr. Dome, Ananda. But when she fell in battle, the Justice Force went their separate ways, as their own adventures entered comics; coincidentally, Steve and Metal Head ran their own comic store in Northampton, Massachusetts. It was mentioned in one issue that Stainless Steel Steve once saved Dr. Dome from Living Volcano and another issue having Dr. Dome curing Stainless Steel Steve of the creeping alien rust.

When the Domeoids kidnapped the former Justice Force members, Steve and Dome accused each other of being behind of the attacks, but in reality, they were caused by Ananda, who blamed the Justice Force for the death of her mother. The turtles and Casey Jones, had joined Steve in search of his friends, and Michelangelo tried to bring the counter-parties back to their senses.

After she had filed her thoughts of revenge, Ananda and Metal Head joined the second incarnation of the Justice Force.

Back to the Sewer

Although because of his age Steve can no longer be actively involved in the Justice Force, he and Zippy Lad are in the second incarnation of the team as advisers on the side.



Stainless Steve Steel has a round metallic saucer on his forehead, which he gets his name from, capable of smashing through anything, as well as withstand any blow to the head. Steve mostly uses it as weapon offset by objective headbutts; the plate is very resistant against physical damage and if in the right position is able to fracture even stone, steel and bullet-proof glass with a single blow.



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