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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Steel Breeze is issue 36 of the TMNT Adventures, and was published in September 1992.


The turtles, Splinter and Ninjara are attacked by Shredder and his sidekick Verminator X, a mutant humanoid cat from the future. Verminator X traps them within a forcefield in the desert, while kidnapping Splinter. Hours later, the foreefields weakens allowing them to follow Shredder and Verminator X. As Shredder and Verminator X escape towards the time portal with Splinter and the Black Stone of Mecca, the turtles convince Shredder to return Splinter because they once freed Shredder from Krang taking over his body. Shredder and Verminator X return Splinter, but escape to the future with what they believe is the Black Stone of Mecca. Ninjara later tells Al'Falqa she used her theif-skills to replace the Black Stone of Mecca with an ordinary stone.


  • When IDW Publishing reprinted TMNT Adventures as trade paperbacks, they deliberately skipped this issue along with several other adjacent issues with (today sensitive) content dealing with China and Islam.

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