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Stealth Bike
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2012 TV series


Ninja Turtles


The Stealth Bike made its first appearance in the episode 2012 TV series episode "Cockroach Terminator". Its origins were not explained in the episode, but it was most likely built by Donatello. The bike is stored within the floor of the Shellraiser, and Raphael drives it. Among the bike's unique features, it can protect its rider with a shield in the shape of a turtle shell. This shield is also the color of pavement on roads so when the shield is up, it is practically invisible to anything looking down on it.

It returns in Enemy of My Enemy with Leo driving it. He uses it to save Karai and get them to safety.

Also in Pulverizer Returns! Donnie uses it to get to the warehouse in time intending to prevent The Pulverizer getting mutated.


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