Starlee Hambrath



Intern at O'Neil Tech



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Dark blue

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Created by

Adam Beechen

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Amanda Brown

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Cody Jones


Starlee Hambrath is the bright and chipper O'Neil Tech intern from the planet of Omatran (Starlee's own information states that Omatran girls have at least five times the brain capacity of their male counterparts). She is a friend and the eventual girlfriend of Cody Jones and an ally of the Turtles and Master Splinter. Her character was specifically created for the 2003 TV series.


One day the Turtles and their mentor Splinter by a malfunction of the Time Window, an invention of Cody Jones, the nominal owner of O'Neil Tech, were brought to the future. They helped the young Cody to gradually have more contact with the outside world. Cody met Starlee at his first personal visit to O'Neil Tech, and Starlee quickly became a good friend of the Turtles after she helped them against the Inuwashi Gunjin and Darius Dunn.

She proves to be a valuable help to the Turtles and to Cody in getting their reptilian friends home to their own time as well as helping to take out the occasional bad guy here and there such as Jammerhead and Cody's deranged Uncle Darius when he took over Cody's Turtle X battle suit. Despite how cool and collected they usually act around each other, there is a deeper feeling of attraction that both Cody and Starlee have yet to admit to one another despite the Turtles' best efforts to push it forward.Playtime's Over Starlee also helped hooking up the Turtles with their brand new future tech ninja weapons to survive against some of the toughest and strangest criminals in 2105.


Starlee is a very bright and self-confident girl who loves to talk frankly about her opinions and also shows a lot of responsibility and organizational skills. She moves mostly on roller skates and is continuing in her burgeoning relationship with Cody. The only thing she fears in life is her own family, especially her rigorous and critical mother.


Starlee is a young genius and is familiar in dealing with the technology of the 22nd Century, especially with O'Neil Tech, which manufactures the most advanced technology on Earth. Among other things, she helped in the development of Turtle X which Cody used during his adventures with the Turtles.



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