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Etobicoke, Canada (originally)
New York City (currently)




Mr. Suave


Bellhop (formerly)
Dancer (currently)

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Black (human)
Red (mutant)

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Stanley, later nicknamed Bullhop, is a minor recurring character in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Physical Appearance

As a human

Stanley is first seen in a classic Bellhop's uniform: a red suit with gold and purple markings, and white gloves. He has black hair with short bangs along his forehead, and has buck teeth.

As a mutant

In his mutated form, he resembles a humanoid bull in a ripped bellhop attire.


Stanley comes from Etobicoke (currently part of Toronto), Ontario, Canada, and is fussy, anxious, and moved relatively quickly to prevent damage to the hotel, or at least its decor, throughout his screen time in "Bug Busters". Upon being mutated into a bull, he became more clumsy and uncoordinated, which resulted in him accidentally damaging much of what he was trying to protect.


Stanley is first seen in "Bug Busters" working at the Grand Nexus Hotel, whose lobby becomes infested with Oozesquitoes, wherein he meets the Mad Dogs. As the Mad Dogs make their plan, Raphael accidentally knocks a vase off its display table, which the bellhop manages to catch before it hits the ground. He then tells the Mad Dogs not to break anything, or else his boss will have his hide.

While the Mad Dogs attempt to deal with the Oozesquitoes, the Bellhop manages to prevent several items from being destroyed during the scuffle. An argument breaks out between Raph and Leonardo, which results in the two of them getting caught in their own Oozesquito trap, alongside Michelangelo and Donatello, the bellhop is stung by an Oozesquito, and is turned into a mutant bull. Big Mama watches on her security camera. The mutant bellhop then ran out of the hotel, breaking several items along the way, with a swarm of Oozesquitoes in pursuit.

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  • According to Big Mama, Bullhop was mutated due to his frequent consumption of beef jerky.
  • He was credited as "Bellhop" in "Bug Busters".
  • His real name is revealed on his Employee of the Month portrait, as seen in the episode "Bullhop."
  • Much like his voice actor, Dave Foley, Bullhop is from Canada.
    • He is the second character in the series to make continuous running gags about their voice actor's home country; the first being Hypno-Potamus about his native New Zealand.


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