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Cockroach Terminator (promotional material name)
Spy Roach


Roachy, The Roach, The Bug


(Spy Roach I) superhuman strength
physical resistance

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Kraang Laser Rifle
Goop Bombs (2nd form)


Spying assistant
Hunter (Spy Roach)

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Mutant Cockroach

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Spy-Roaches are special cockroaches with a tiny spy-gear backpack created by Donatello for spying on The Kraang, but the first spy-roach turned into a villain character that debuted in the 2012 TV series episode Cockroach Terminator, where he got mutated by the mutagen into a hostile creature, and enemy of the Turtles. His character goes by multiple names like Cockroach Terminator and Chong.


1st Spy-Roach

Spy-Roach started out as a normal cockroach. He was both found and trained by Donatello to spy on The Kraang with special micro-equipment on him that Donatello created. However, Raphael has a paralyzing fear of cockroaches and tries to kill the Spy-Roach, until Donatello stops him. During Spy-Roach's first spy mission, he falls into a large vat of mutagen, due to Donny having bumped the control stick directing him. He subsequently mutated, and his spy equipment fused with his body. After escaping from the Kraang base, Spy-Roach went after the Turtles and attacked them. Raphael was able to knock him out with the Shellraiser's sewer lid launcher, yet it managed to sneak away behind the Turtles backs. When the Turtles try to thwart the Kraang's plot to steal a diamond lens, Spy-Roach catches up to them. He defeats the Kraang and attacks a terrified Raphael, forcing his brothers to save him. Unfortunately, thanks to Raphael's fear of the Spy-Roach, the Kraang get away with the stolen diamond lens.

Eventually, Donatello discovers that Spy-Roach is targeting Raphael for trying to kill him before his mutation. When Spy-Roach returns and slices through Shellraiser's floor, Leonardo and Michelangelo use Raphael as bait to lure the Spy-Roach away from the van so that Donatello can fix it. Spy-Roach gets stuck in some wet cement, but frees himself by molting his skin and emerges in a much larger, uglier form with the ability to fly. As Spy-Roach flies after Raphael again, the Turtles race to stop the Kraang from using the stolen lens to power their giant laser drill. When Spy-Roach grabs Michelangelo, Raphael is forced to face his fear to save his brother. Using the Stealth Bike, he lures the Spy-Roach away so that the other three Turtles can stop the Kraang. When the Shellraiser becomes stuck at the gate Raphael uses the Roach to launch himself onto the laser drill, where he faces the Roach one on one. Raphael's fight with Spy-Roach ends up disrupting the Kraang's laser drill. Raphael then turns the laser drills beam on Spy-Roach , blowing him to pieces. However, a new Spy-Roach starts to emerge from one of the fragments of the old, foreshadowing his return.

He later makes his second appearance in the episode Metalhead Rewired, as one of the many detained mutants in the Kraang prison. He can be seen in the background as the mutants make their escape. He is also in his final form during this episode.

He appears in Meet Mondo Gecko in the audience at Fishface's underground race.

He appeared again in The Insecta Trifecta as part of Raphael's hallucinations, horrifying him to the point of being immobile.

2nd Spy-Roach

In Newtralized! Donatello uses another spy-roach to spy on Slash and Newtralizer.

3rd Spy-Roach

In Serpent Hunt, Donatello planted a bunch of spy-roaches on Steranko while he was hunting Karai. Though Steranko ate most of them, there was one left to track him and Anton Zeck.

Powers & Abilities

When Spy Roach was merged with machinery, he became one of the most indomitable of opponents. Along with his invulnerability, he has a retractable saw blade hidden inside his body and also, due to Donatello's micro-camera, has X-ray, infrared and night vision.

In his third form, he's able to fly and throw slimy explosives out his chest.


As a regular roach, Spy-Roach was curious, loyal, and very affectionate to Donnie. As a mutant, Spy-Roach is rather psychotic, evil, and vengefully attempting to kill Raph, who once tried to kill him prior to the former's mutation. Spy-Roach's ability to endure attacks in his first form (and second) proved to be quite a problem for all four Turtles.

While he was presumably mad when he was hit by the Shellraiser accidentally, all of Spy-Roach's rage is directed towards Raphael because of the way he almost killed him once. Spy-Roach is very persistent and would stop at nothing to get to him, using methods such as using the homing signal Donnie planted on him to find his way back to the van to his advantage and even going as far as to take Mikey hostage just in hopes of luring Raph out...Spy-Roach's desire to get revenge on Raph made him even turn against his creator/owner Donnie.

Spy-Roach might be a slightly sensitive, because he hit Mikey when Mikey called him 'gross'. Spy-Roach could also be impatient (despite being an insect), because, instead of grabbing Raphael when he invaded the Shellraiser, he took Mikey instead, hoping to get Raph out from hiding, and then discarding Mikey when Raph appeared.


His first appearance was a normal roach that wore a tiny suit designed to track The Kraang. When he mutated, the machinery merged with Spy-Roach's body parts, which provided him with indestructible armor and useful equipment that Spy-Roach took advantage of to retaliate on Raph. Spy-Roach's third and final stage was a disgusting-looking molted roach that could fly. His wings have green veins that resemble technology. He has four wings.




  • The name used in the series' production, Chong, is shared with storyboard artist Chong Suk Lee, whose episode credits include New Friend, Old Enemy, Metalhead, The Gauntlet, and It Came From The Depths.
    • He is never referred to by the name Chong in his debut episode. Instead, he is simply referred to as "Spy-Roach".
  • He is one of a few mutants that was not human when mutated (and the first one of these mutants to be a villain).
  • Chong has a black shape on his back that resembles his second form.
  • Chong is an homage to the T-800 from the Terminator's movie franchise.
  • Chong is referred to with male pronouns, but the fact that he laid eggs suggests he is actually female.
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