Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) episode
Season Code: 09
Episode: 06
Original airdate October 21, 1995
Written by David Wise
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"The Showdown" "Carter, the Enforcer"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1995 Season
List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes


  1. "The Unknown Ninja"
  2. "Dregg of the Earth"
  3. "The Wrath of Medusa"
  4. "The New Mutation"
  5. "The Showdown"
  6. "Split-Second"
  7. "Carter, the Enforcer"
  8. "Doomquest"

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Split-Second is a the sixth episode of season 9 of the 1987-1996 series. It originally aired at CBS on 21 October 1995.


The Turtles and Carter are lagging behind on their training due to their constant fights against Dregg, so Leonardo decides to start scheduling their time more strictly. But then they notice that the clocks are reading the wrong time, including digital ones. And it isn't just in the lair - April confirms that all clocks and timers are malfunctioning.

The disruptive signal is coming from a device behind a billboard; Leonardo destroys it, causing the time readouts to go back to normal. But then two robots smash the Turtles and Carter off the rooftop, and bring the billboard down on top of them.

April informs them that someone broke into an antique timepiece museum, using lasers and stun rays. The Turtles follow up on this, even though they're not sure what Dregg would want with old clocks. They uncover a coded message that leads them to an old steel mill, where they encounter the time-obsessed Chronos, who seems to recognize them even though they don't recall who he is.

As they leave, Carter comes across an alarm clock with a pre-recorded message that tips the Turtles off about crimes he's planning to commit simultaneously. The Turtles set out to prevent those crimes from being committed, even as April starts researching to figure out who Chronos is.

Raphael and Michelangelo storm onto a subway train that is being set up to crash, frightening off all the passengers and even the driver. They manage to redirect the other train before it can crash... only to discover that Chronos double-crossed him, and they have just accidentally caused the train to careen down the wrong track. They mutate and burst out of the train's front, barely managing to stop a fatal collision. At the same time, Donatello and Leonardo decide to head off Chronos' robbery of a bank... only to find a thermal device waiting for them in the vault. They mutate suddenly, and escape just before the device goes off.

While the Turtles were distracted, Chronos has made his way to the lair and confronted Splinter. Somehow he knows everything about Splinter's past life and fighting style.

As the Turtles are heading home, Michelangelo suddenly remembers a past incident at the City Hall Clock Tower, where they stopped a man named Winston Fripp from stealing a large amount of money. They realize that Fripp is Chronos, and that he has deduced where their lair is. When they return, a clock outside their lair gives them a final message: he'll kill Splinter if they don't surrender to him.

Chronos sends his robots to trounce the Turtles, and orders them to throw down their weapons and Turtle Coms. They are tied up by the robots and trapped on the gears of a giant clock tower, even as Chronos plans to use concussion machines to shake the city to pieces, on behalf of Dregg. Donatello manages to break free and rescue his brothers, even as Carter rescues Splinter from a falling New Year's ball that was about to crush him.

Buildings start disintegrating as the Turtles make it to the City Hall Clock Tower, where they deduced Chronos would be. The Turtles hyper-mutate, giving them enough physical power to stop Chronos' high-speed robots and smash his concussive device's controls. They leave him tied in the clock tower, laughing insanely until Dregg appears.

The Turtles are disgusted when they see a news report revealing that Dregg "captured" Chronos, causing him to look like the good guy once again.




Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 9
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection


Animation Errors

  • At the start of the episode, Michelangelo is on the couch reading comics, then standing next to Splinter moments later, then back on couch again.
  • When Leonardo reads Dregg's billboard, he uses the words "officially" and "licensed", but those words aren't on the billboard.
  • During the attack by the two robots, Michelangelo keeps appearing next to Leonardo, instead of Donatello.
  • The positions of the hands on the clock Chronos plants in the Turtle Van change drastically between shots.
  • The timer on Chronos' thermal bomb stays at 14 seconds for more than one second.
  • When the Turtle Van arrives at the bridge, the lettering on the front of it is black instead of white.
  • When the Turtle Van arrives at the bridge, Leonardo appears to be a lot bigger than Michelangelo.
  • Right as Donatello breaks out of his ropes, Leonardo and Michelangelo have disappeared; they should be hanging next to Raphael like they are in an earlier shot.


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