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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, the Splinter Dōjō is a building in Mutant Town, Manhattan, which is named after the Turtles' late father, Splinter. It is a public dōjō run by the Splinter Clan, and is also home to the Turtles, Weasels, Pepperoni and Klunk, replacing the church's bunker as the Turtles' new lair. It is the first primary home of the Turtles in this continuity whose location is not hidden, but known and advertised to the general public.


In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #104, during a trip to the O'Neil Farm, the newly-reunited Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Jennika discussed ideas for the future. Jenny told the others what Splinter had taught her back when she once asked him, "What is Ninja?", recalling how he told her that ninja originally organized as a grassroots defense among the poor and downtrodden to defend people without power. She suggested to the other Turtles that they could return to Mutant Town and help defend those who can't defend themselves. Leo went further with the idea, suggesting that instead of defending people, they could set up a dōjō to teach people basic self-defense and martial arts classes, as well as cultural studies like kadō, calligraphy, and then ongyō-jutsu and disguise for more advanced students. Later, at Splinter's grave near the farm, the five Turtles resolved to set up a new ninja clan that anyone could become a part of: The Splinter Clan. Nearby, the secretly eavesdropping Oroku Saki also approved of the idea.

Back in Mutant Town, the Turtles selected a ruined abandoned building and went to work fixing it up with the help of friends. The building also provided a new lair for the five grown Turtles and a new home for the young mutants Lita, Zink, Zanna and Mushroom to stay, as Lita had previously been homeless and the weasels had nowhere else to go after their father Old Hob had tried to sell them to Oroku Karai. When primary renovation of the building had completed, the five grown Turtles and Alopex officially established the Splinter Clan together as its six founding leaders, and opened the Splinter Dōjō to the community.


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