The Splinter Clan's founders from left to right: Leonardo, Jennika, Michelangelo, Alopex, Raphael and Donatello.


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Following the death of Splinter, Leonardo decided that the Clan Hamato was obsolete. He no longer wished to perpetrate the violence that his father and his rivalries had been responsible for, only using ninjutsu to defend, rather than ruin or kill. Thus, he and his brothers transformed Clan Hamato into the Splinter Clan, a ninja clan dedicated to creating a positive influence in Mutant Town. Along with self-defense, the clan is dedicated to teaching others cultural studies, as well as raising the orphaned or otherwise unaccompanied Mutant Town children.

The clan is headquartered at Splinter Dōjō.


Black variant.

White variant.

The Splinter Clan emblem was designed by series writer Sophie Campbell. It was originally intended to be an abstract rendering of Splinter's rat head with two ears, a snout and two eyes, but evolved until it more resembled a three-pronged shuriken design. The six circles represent the six founders of the Splinter Clan: Alopex, Donatello, Jennika, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. The three outer prongs also represent the Splinter Clan's three primary human allies: Angel Bridge, Casey Jones and April O'Neil. The emblem's standard display orientation is with one of the prongs pointing straight down to most closely resemble an upright rat's head, but it can also be oriented in any rotated position, as seen on future Lita's clothing. The symbol has a black variant to display on light backgrounds, and a white variant to display on dark backgrounds.[1]



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  1. Sophie Campbell explains the Splinter Clan emblem's inspiration and symbolism.
    "I actually didn't have a shuriken in mind at first, I started with a stylized triangular rat head to represent Splinter, and it eventually morphed into the shuriken-type shape, but you can still kinda see the rat face design in there (the bottom point is the snout, the top points are the ears, the circles the eyes, etc). There are 6 circles because of the 5 Turtles + Alopex, the founders of the clan, and the central rat head/shuriken shape has 3 points representing their human allies, April, Casey, and Angel."