The Good Guy Leader

Vital Ratistics

Weapons: Ninja Bow, Sword Cane, Ninja Stars
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 4'
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Previous Forms: Hamato Yoshi, homo sapien/sewer rat

Splinter, the rat mutation of ninja master, Hamato Yoshi, is the Turtles' "shidoshi" (teacher of the warrior ways of enlightenment). As a man - and still as a sewer rat - Splinter has a special fondness for the arts, especially martial arts. He also digs the underground, since his rat-like abilities make him quite a burrower.

This mystical rat uses his cunning as well as his bow and sword cane to thwart the evil Foot Clan. Splinter trained the Turtles to fight for truth, justice and an equal portion of food.



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