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Splinter's ancestor
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Mutant or otherwise anthropomorphic rat



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The Mystery of the Cliffs

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David Anthony

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Peter Renaday

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Whilst tied up by Foot Clan in a cliff dwelling in the Arizona desert, the Ninja Turtles are saved by what seems to be an astral projection of Splinter. A Foot Ninja tries to attack him with his katana, but the sword goes through him. "Splinter" waves his hand and a star moves over the Turtles, freeing them and awakening Leonardo. The Turtles then subdue their captors and report them to the State Patrol.

When Splinter arrives at their camp that night, he says he comes out there to commune with his ancestor, who settled there 400 years prior. When asked why he disappeared after saving them, Splinter says that it couldn't have been him, as he only arrived that night. The Mystery of the Cliffs

Powers and abilities

  • Intangibility: As a ghost, Splinter's ancestor cannot be physically touched or struck.
  • Star magic: With a wave of his hand, Splinter's ancestor was able to free the Turtles and awaken an unconscious Leonardo by sending a star graphic over them.


  • It is unknown just how Splinter's ancestor came to be in an anthropomorphic form. If this Splinter is anything like any of the other incarnations, he's a direct mutant rat or a mutated Hamato Yoshi, and not the descendant of some ancient mutant rat race.
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