Speed Demon
Biographical information

North Hampton


Road Freak (Casey Jones)

Date of birth

The Croaking (debut, non-speaking)

Date of death

Race with the Demon
Eyes of the Chimera (cameo)


Incredible Racing Skills

Physical description

Mutant Muscle Car



Hair color

Brown (possessing a man)

Bandana color

Purple (possessing Donnie)

Eye color

Glowing Pink (possessing a man)
White (possessing Donnie)

Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

Race with the Demon

Voiced by

Steven Jay Blum

Teachers and Students

"Every stinkin' human on this road is going for a wild ride! YEAAHH!!"
— Speed Demon

Speed Demon is a mutant muscle car that turns whoever drives him into a mutant driver that is thirsty for high speed. The Concept Art and 3D model for Donnie's possessed form was revealed at the October 2014 New York Comic Convention panel.[1]


The Croaking - At the end of the episode, we see a purple muscle car passing through the Punk Frogs' sacred Mutagen that Rasputin the Mad Frog had lost during the Punk Frog's fight with the Turtles spilled on the road.

Race with the Demon- It pursues Donatello, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones in their station wagon and tries to run them off the road. News of the Demon Racer's vehicle causing trouble on the road reaches the local news. In order to get even with the Speed Demon, Casey and Donatello construct a racing vehicle to compete with him. Casey later encounters the Speed Demon's vehicle where he finds that Speed Demon is actually a mutant. When Speed Demon plans to run an old lady and her vehicle off the road, Casey repelled the Speed Demon just as the Ninja Turtles catch up. Michelangelo found Mutagen on the road that leaked from the Speed Demon as Donatello claims a sample of it. While piloting the new car (which was made from parts of Kraang technology) with Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey works to take down Speed Demon by using a smokescreen to slow it down. Donatello removed the driver from the car, who restores to normal. Donatello learns too late that the car is the actual mutant as Speed Demon possesses him.

Speed Demon Donnie racing against Casey Jones

In order to get Donatello out of Speed Demon, Casey ends up in a race to Dead Man's Curb for the fate of Donatello. With help from Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey frees Donatello from Speed Demon as it starts to attack them. After the other Turtles arrive and run Speed Demon off a cliff, he vows to return before exploding. However, in Eyes of the Chimera, it's revealed that the explosion released Mutagen that ended up creating the Chimera.


  • Speed Demon resembles 1983 John Carpenter's horror film Christine, based on Stephen King's novel from the same year, which is about a sentient and violent automobile of the same name.
  • The Speed Demon makes stock monster laughter when he crashes.
  • His license plate reads DEMON.
  • The human the speed demon possessed has hair and clothes similar to a stereotypical 1960's car jockey.
  • The Speed Demon Donnie highly resembles Rat Fink and other characters created by Ed Roth.
  • Speed Demon somewhat resembles a few American Muscle Cars like, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T (body), Ford Mustang Mach 1 (front) and 1968 Mercury Cougar (back and taillights).

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