A new batch of mutant villains are in town and they’ve mastered the art of noiseless theft! The TMNT are powerless to stop them, until they realize someone close to them shares a history with the bad guys: April O'Neil! Will she be able to overcome a case of stage fright and save the day?

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At the ice cream vendor Lactose Tolerant Inc, a mouse makes a run for the sleeping security guard's sandwich. Suddenly, the mouse notices absolute silence, including that the guard's snoring has stopped. Suddenly, a soundless explosion goes off, and in step three mutant crooks - The Silent G's. Their leader, Gned, turns on the sound long enough to tell the others, Gnarly and Gnatalie, to steal an ice cream truck. He then nullifies the sound again so they can get to work.

Down in the sewers, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello try to elude a "shark" - which turns out to be Raphael, as they are playing a training exercise game called "Shark Attack".

As they head back to the lair, April is stressing about emceeing the Now That's Almost Like Music festival, afraid to speak in front of the crowd, ever since a mysterious "incident" that she alludes to but does not reveal.

The Turtles seek to enlist Splinter, the bravest person they've ever met, to teach her a lesson in fearlessness. Right on cue, the old rat slides into the room, claiming to be more terrified than he's ever been in all of his life. It seems that the ice cream truck that normally comes to the area did not show up on time. Leo scoffs at Splinter's freakout, but Raph feels no "crime" should go unpunished, and Don believes it is connected to a pattern of thefts he's been tracking. After being distracted for two hours by videos of a monkey wearing clothes (staring out by being dressed as Abraham Lincoln), Donnie eventually shows them that The Silent G's have been stealing things from around the same area - construction site equipment, stereos from an electronic store, and of course, the ice cream trucks. April also points out that the three crooks look familiar to her.

As the Turtles head out to find the crooks, Splinter agrees to train April to boost her confidence. Don calculates a pet shelter, the "Budget Animal Shelter", as the most likely target for The Silent G's to hit next. Suddenly, a soundless explosion occurs at the shelter. The Turtles go to investigate, only to find that their own voices have been muted when they draw close. They are then hit by a sudden blast of water.

Gned turns the sound back on so he can taunt his foes ("Youse gumshoes are all wet."). Raph demands that The Silent G's put the puppies they intend to steal back, but Gnarly blasts him again with a water jet from his horn. Mikey tries to strike Gned in retribution, but he is lifted off and dropped by Gnatalie. Fortunately, Don activates his jet Battle Shell and catches him.

Leo swipes at Gnatalie and wonders what her power is, and she hocks a purple loogie at him. Leo is grossed out but unimpressed, until the projectile explodes. With the Turtles defeated at his feet, Gned turns the sound off again.


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