Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Sometimes They Come Back is issue #61 of Tales of the TMNT volume 2, published on August 2009 by Mirage Studios. It is the fourth story of Tristan Huw Jones' Gang Wars story arc; the previous story is issue #59: Exposé, and the next story is issue #64: The Burning Man. This story also builds on events told in issue #50: World's Deadliest.

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You are a moron and no longer my brother.png

  • In one scene, Michelangelo runs from an explosion shouting excitedly.

    Donatello: Where's Raph?
    Raphael: Right here with Michael Bay.
    Michelangelo: Michael Bay kicks ass!
    Raphael: You are a moron and no longer my brother.

    This story was published in 2009, five years before Bay would be a producer on the commercially-successful but critically-panned 2014 TMNT film.


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