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Something Wicked
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) episode
Season Code: S07E03
Episode: 146
Original airdate September 27, 2008
Written by Mike Ryan
Supervising Producer Matthew Drdek, Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson
Frederick U. Fierst
Al Kahn
Norman Grossfeld
Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director  Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine
Episode chronology
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"Karate Schooled" "The Engagement Ring"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Back to the Sewer

September 13, 2008 - February 28, 2009
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"Something Wicked" is the 146th episode of the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the third episode of TMNT: Back to the Sewer, which originally aired on September 27, 2008.


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Voice-over introduction

This episode has no voice-over introduction.

Plot Synopsis

Donatello has managed to find bits and pieces of Master Splinter in the Internet and the Turtles enter Cyberspace to retrieve them. But that won't be easy because Cyber Shredder has his sights set on destroying them.


Donnie working in his lab and gasps at the sight of something interesting. Donnie: Yes! Wake up!(Leo Screams)(Mikey Screams) Donnie: Guys wake up!(Raph groans and pushes Donnie away)Leo: What is it Don? Donnie: I traced the binary code from the transmission that I established with Master Splinter and located the source.(All surprised)Mikey: Master Splinter?! Leo: Father! Raph: Why ain't he talkin'?! Donnie! What gives?! Donnie: What you're looking at is just one small piece of Master Splinter. A Data bit. That contains a fragment of his essence. Raph: Uh Donnie, Explain it to me like I was Mikey.(Mikey Offended) Mikey: Hey! Donnie: It's what I've been working on these past few weeks. Trying to find out what happened to Master Splinter. After Viral blasted him with that decompiler. And it's as I suspected. Master Splinter's in Cyberspace. Apparently separated into thousands of these tiny bits. He must've been transported there with Viral when she made her escape. There are still so many questions that remain. So many variables to determine. But even so. Our next move is clear. Mikey: It is?! Donnie: Yes. We're rescuing Master Splinter by going into Cybespace and getting those bits.

Donnie: So in theory. Just like the transindentol lath from 2105 works the molecular transference at a rate of a million parts per millisecond. This portal device will make our trip into Cyberspace instantaneous. At least in theory. (Leo, Mikey, and Raph groan)I'm bringing along some special cybergear. I've made a cursory study of Viral and her abilities and I've incorporated as much as I could into some new defensive programs. So we'll be ready for anything. That is if all my calculations were correct. But I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Mikey: We will? Donnie: Ok. Ready or not! Raph: Woah Donnie. Don't you think you're rushing into this? Donnie: Maybe. But time can be a factor for Master Splinter. We simply don't know how long he can last in Cyberspace. Let alone in his decompiled state. And I'm not waiting around to find out. Leo: Donnie wait!( Donnie goes through the portal) Come on. We're going after him.(Mikey groans)Mikey: All that talk about transindental transference and molecular millisecond made my brain hurt. Raph: First you gotta have a brain Mikey. Now let's move and let's hope Donnie knows what he's doing.

(In Cyberspace)Mikey: Wow. This place is too cool. Raph: Kinda creepy if you ask me. What the shell?! Donnie: Look out!( Donnie Pushes his brothers away) Stay close to me guys. We got a lot of ground to cover. The affects of the decompiler spread Master Splinter's data bits all over Cyberspace. Mikey: Woah. My fellow cybernauts. We are bravely going where no Turtles have ever gone before. The Digital World. Cyberspace. Raph: No Turtles have ever done any of the things we do. Mikey: Touché. Raph: What is all this stuff? Donnie: Gaming notes online reference streams. Data codes. Everything that makes up the Internet. Leo: I knew it would be big. But this. Raph: Gonna be tough gettin' around in here. Let alone findin' anything. Donnie: That's why I've been working so many late nights.(Presses button)Behold. The Code Runner. Raph: Woah. I think I'm in love. Mikey: I want one! I want one! Donnie: Raph. Mikey. Say hello to the Cyber Ripper. I've outfitted each vehicle with tracking devices and defensive capabilities. And I think that you'll be quite pleased with how they handle. They're configured to run on code pulses that flow through the train here. So we should be able to race them pretty much anywhere. Raph: Race 'em. Now you're talkin' my language. Mikey: He would be talking to you Raph. If he were talking about being second. I hope you like looking at my back. Raph: Ha! We'll see about that. Leo: You'll need more of a head start than that. Now this is what I call surfing the net. Donnie: Enough horsing around guys. Remember. We're here for Master Splinter. And from the looks of it. We're closing in on the energy signature of his data bits. Mikey: Score! Looks like we found three of 'em. Donnie: Strange. There's another surge. And it doesn't match Splinter's bits. In fact it's signature is similar to Viral's. Only much more powerful. We should be careful. Mikey: Relax Donnie. It's the Internet. There are energy signatures all over the place. Come on. Look. There they are. Huh? Ah! (Leo gasps at the sight Of The Cyber Shredder and pulls the breaks) Mikey: No way. Is that? Raph: The Shredder?! Leo: But how?! Donnie: I don't know. But we're here for Master Splinter. Not to fight. Raph: Yeah. Tell it to him. Shredder: (Evil Laugh) Turtles. I learned that you are still alive. But I am not expected to see you here. Mikey: Likewise Buckethead! I see you're looking more twisted than ever. Raph: Last we heard you were imprisoned on some far off asteroid with ZERO chance of parole.

(In mysterious room) Mikey: I thought you were getting us out of here. This is still Cyberspace. Donnie: Yes it is. We're in an accounting software program behind several firewalls. The safest place I could find at the spur of the moment. Raph: And we're still here because? Donnie: Because those three bits of Master Splinter are here. And we're not leaving without them. Mikey: Unless you missed it. I almost got zapped into Cyber dust just a second ago by a virtual version of our favorite pointy headed villain. Leo: Mikey's right. If we're gonna stay. Then we need to find a way to take on that Cyber Shredder. Donnie: And I may just have one. I was hoping to work out some of the bugs before conducting a field test. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Or in this case. Cybernaut armor. (Leo, Raph, and Mikey Laugh) Mikey: Does it come in any other sizes? Donnie: Ha. I told you there were a few bugs.

Leo: This is gonna be close.( Leo and Raph crush into Serling) Serling: Don't mind me. I'm just a metallic speedbot. Stuck here for your convenience. Leo: Raph. You Ok? Raph: Yeah, but next time. I'm driving. Donnie: And the next time will be soon. There are a lot more of Master Splinter's data bits in there. And we're not stopping until we have every last one. Even if The Shredder is in there waiting for us.



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