Societe A Eliminer les Creations Sauvages et Nuisibles, or SAECSN (pronounced "Sack-Sun"), is an all-human invasion force determined to eliminate Briton, and eventually, the world, of mutants. They are lead by Frenchman Saint Jean-Marie. Jean-Marie enjoys an alliance with Welsh dictator Morgana, although her side is kept out of necessity and he greatly admires and respects her. Jean-Marie assumed Morgana and her people to be human as well, but they are anything but. Mutants in Avalon


  • Given the proper intonations, "Société À Éliminer les Créations Sauvages et Nuisibles" translates from French to "Society To Eliminate Wild and Harmful Creations".
  • Their acronym, SAECSN, is pronounced identically to, and is an allusion to, saxon, a medieval Germanic people.
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