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Mutant Botanical Bruiser!


The venomously-vined Snakeweed was once no more than human lowlife, "Snake", snitch and ally to the evil Kraang! Exposed to the Mutagen Ooze on the Turtles' first topside mission, this former thug is now a botanical beast. Lashing out at anything foolish enough to come in close contact. Capable of instantly re-growing his leafy limbs. Snakeweed would be unstoppable if not for his vulnerability to fire!

  • Weapons: Multiple Venomous Vines
  • Team: The Kraang


  • Attachable legs and antenna
  • Removable vines


  • Swivel Head
  • Swivel Hinge Shoulders
  • Hinge Knees
  • Ball Joint Waist
  • Swivel Wrists


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