Biographical information

Caucasian American






Tracking Pheromone Spores

Weapon(s) of choice

Laser Gun (as human)


Kraang Driver and Snitch (former)


The Kraang (former)

Physical description

Plant Mutant


12 ft.


Brown (as human)

Eye color

Brown (as human)
Yellow with Red pupils (as mutant)

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"I'm coming for you turtles! You hear me!? I'M COMING FOR YOU!"
— Snake

Snakeweed (originally just "Snake") is a villain appearing in the 2012 TV series. He made his debut in the first episode of the show, Rise of the Turtles, Part 1.


As a human, he was slim, had black hair, a white tank top, blue jeans and black boots.

As a mutant weed, he's entirely green, has multiple venomous vines with thorns, a praying mantis-like head, stands on two stem-like legs with large toes on his feet which seems to have exposed bone-like shapes, his hands and arms are replaced with tendrils that resemble Venus flytrap, and his exposed heart is partly wrapped. Whenever he is seriously injured, he'll bleed pink blood like substance.


Snake worked as a driver for the Kraang, shipping their Mutagen around as well as transporting the Kraang themselves. The Ninja Turtles confront him in Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 and interrogate him. Raphael threatens him during interrogation with a vial of mutagen. After the Turtles get the information they need, they keep Snake captive, although he escapes due to Michelangelo's inattentiveness. Snake hides in an alley, where Raphael and Leonardo fake a conversation about how they will attack Kraang headquarters, knowing that Snake is listening. Snake tells The Kraang about the Turtles' plot. Snake's van is driven into the HQ, and Snake and The Kraang attack the van, but the Turtles are not inside, as it was a distraction. The van explodes, splashing mutagen all over Snake, mutating him into a plant monster (with his mutation being contributed to him nearby weeds). Snake later confronts the Turtles in his new form, with Michelangelo dubbing him "Snakeweed". He blamed the Turtles for his mutation and attacked them. Snakeweed proved to be powerful and formidable, so Leonardo electrocuted him by tricking him into the vicinity of a power core. After the Turtles leave, however, his assumed burnt corpse is shown, and his heart begins to beat once more.

Snakeweed returned in "New Girl in Town." During his latest encounter with the turtles, Snakeweed started kidnapping several people. While Raphael led Donatello and Michelangelo into the sewers to find Snakeweed's secret lair, they discover that the people he kidnapped were being used as fertilizer. The three turtles released them (without being seen, of course). But as Raph was bragging about how they did their job perfectly without Leo, Snakeweed appeared, and on discovering his 'fertilizer' was gone, he attacked them. Without Leonardo's leadership, the turtles were actually losing, so after Mikey suffered a painful injury, rendering him unconscious, Donnie convinced Raph to help him take their little brother and retreat, but not before Snakeweed secretly shot spores on their backs, then swearing to them that he would find them. Hours later, Snakeweed found Raph's spore due to it spraying tracking pheromones, while Raph was talking with Leo about his new 'friend' Karai. Snakeweed immediately attacked the two brothers, but with the help of Karai, Leonardo sliced through his enemy's tendril. He then lured Snakeweed over to some tanks of liquid nitrogen, and stuffed one of them in Snakeweed's mouth, giving Raphael the opportunity to finish him off by slicing open the tank, freezing Snakeweed, and shattering him into millions of pieces while yelling Mikey's trademark catchphrase: "BOOYAKASHA!" But as the brothers left, Snakeweed's heart unfroze and started beating again, hinting that he might return.

Snakeweed's next appearance is in the episode Metalhead Rewired, as one of the detained mutants in the Kraang prison. He is one of the two mutants mind-controlled by the Kraang to attack the turtles, the other being Spider Bytez. After he is freed from Kraang control by Metalhead, he briefly assists the turtles in fighting the Kraang before making his escape.

In Meet Mondo Gecko, he is one of the many mutants who watches Fishface's skating challenge. At the end of the episode he left the stadium with the rest of the mutants, disappointed that Fishface lost to MikeyCasey, and Mondo Gecko.

In The Creeping Doom, the Creep stole one of Snakeweed's claws and use it to create a clone of Snake, named "Son of Snakeweed".

Powers and Abilities

He can extend many long snake-like tendrils and two crushing plant-like limbs at the end of the upper tendrils. He has a large powerful body that rapidly grows back if severed. He is able to launch beads of tracking pheromones at prey to find them later. He is highly resistant to attack, as he has survived being burned and being frozen by liquid nitrogen and completely shattered. Snakeweed's one true vulnerable spot is his heart which is visible from his neck. Striking his heart seems to be the most effective way to hurt or stun him.


He is cruel and self-centered, often to the point of being highly dangerous and aggressive. He craves revenge on the turtles, blaming them for his current predicament.


  • Snakeweed is also an actual species of plant.


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