The Supersonic, Sludge-skidding Snowmobile


  • Working Snowball Launcher
  • Two Mutant Snowballs!
  • Super Sewer Skids

Parts Breakdown

  • Snowball Launcher, Mutant Snowballs, Foot-Waving Pennant Pole, Ice Blower, Anti-Turtle Spikes, Snow-blowing Exhaust Pipes, Turtle-tearing Tractor Treads, Super Sewer Skids, Sludge-cutting Headlight, Heavy Duty Handlebars, Navigating Sewer Snake, Armored Windshield, Devious Decals


"Skid through muck like nobody's business with this supersonic Sludgemobile. Green Teens won't dare challenge you as your sewer skids scream through the snowy mutant muck. Chill out the Turtle home-boys with the cold-shouldering snowball launcher. Go in slinging , 'cause you're all protected by by triple turtle shell armor and the navigating sewer snake! Come on kids! Climb aboard the frosty Foot mutant machine. It's time to throw snowy sludgeballs and turn and turn the teens into frozen Turtle treats!"


  • The artwork on the front of the box shows Bebop with a yellow body, arms and hands.


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