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Sleazebug is a character in the 1987 TV series, in the episode The Showdown. He is a recruiter for the Pangalactic Tournament, and is contacted by Dregg about the possibilities of abducting two of the Turtles for the tournament fights.

As part of Dregg's plan, Sleazebug used a portable teleporter ray to transport Michelangelo, Leonardo, Carter and Jet McCabe to the tournament. Raphael and Donatello pursued Sleazebug in order to get the ray, straight into Dregg's trap. However, Sleazebug also found himself captured by Dregg and used as a test subject for Dregg's mutation machine.

He was transformed into a larger, more bestial-looking form, which he declared he liked. He later escaped from Dregg's laboratory, and Leonardo speculated that they would see Sleazebug again.

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