Slash and Destroy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series) episode
Title screen
Season Code: 207
Episode: 33
Original airdate November 30, 2013
Written by Gavin Hignight
Supervising Producer Ant Ward
Producers: MacGregor Middleton
Peter Hastings
Ciro Nieli
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"Target: April O'Neil" "The Kraang Conspiracy"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"Slash and Destroy" is the seventh episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, and is the thirty-third episode overall in the series. It first aired on November 30th, 2013.


The Turtles find themselves being hunted by a new threat, another mutant turtle called Slash, who has a personal vendetta against Raphael's brothers.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode opens with Michelangelo playing a video game, while Leonardo is watching...Mikey desperately tries to win and kill his monstrous opponent, but is ultimately defeated. Raphael then comes out of his room with Spike on his shoulder as he often does, complaining at Mikey for getting pizza stains on his collection of vintage comic books. Mikey says that he can fix his mistakes, and sarcastically begins licking one of Raph's comics. Raph then sets Spike down and swats Mikey with the comic book. Leo tells Raph that he should calm down and not worry so much about his 'meager' possessions getting soiled. However, this only angers Raph a lot more, and he then irritably walks away from his brothers, complaining that they are always the ones who are 'messing up' and how he's always blamed for his brothers' mistakes. Meanwhile, in Donnie's lab, Donnie is once again seen working on a Retro-Mutagen to possibly cure April's father. He comments that no one can think when Raph is upset. Suddenly, something goes terribly wrong within the Retro-Mutagen and giant blasts of fireworks begin flying all over the lair...

Raph saves Spike just before one of the blasts is able to hit his little pet turtle. After the blasts cease, Raph immediately goes to Donnie and accuses him of putting their lives - and Spike's life - in jeopardy. Donnie apologizes, but Raph doesn't accept it and so he storms into Donnie's lab and takes his last canister of mutagen away. Raph then walks into his own room and sets the canister down on a table. He begins to converse with Spike about how he would function so much better/regularly on his own in many ways, without his brothers...Mikey then opens the door and tells Raph that Master Splinter wants him to help clean up the mess. Raph reluctantly does so - As he closes the door, however, the canister of Mutagen falls off of the table, cracks open, and pools out on the floor. Spike witnesses this and, out of curiosity, comes into contact with the Mutagen!

Meanwhile, as the four Turtles clean up, Raph continues to complain about everything that's going on. Master Splinter is just about to suggest something, but Raph interrupts him mid-sentence, telling him that he is tired of people suggesting to him what to do. Splinter then pokes one of Raph's pressure points, causing him to fall to the ground. Splinter then advises that he should meditate, which Raph ultimately chooses not to do.

Afterwards, Raph goes back into his bedroom, still angry that everyone in his family often seems to view him as such a bad guy. Raph then hears a deep voice in his room and notices the broken Mutagen canister lying on the floor. Then, out of the darkness, a giant turtle-like creature emerges. Raph realizes that there's only one thing that it can be: A mutated version of Spike!! The other Turtles still continue to clean up, but are cut short when Donnie's mutagen-tracker activates. The three then decide to go out and find the nearby canister. Leo asks Raph if he wants to come, but Raph says that he doesn't, concealing the gargantuan turtle that is right behind himself. Raph then turns his attention back to his newly mutated pet. Spike tells Raph about how they can be their own team, fighting crime, and forgetting about the others. Raph immediately approves...Spike then recommends that they should go out and find the Mutagen canister on their own. Raph then suggests to gear up and he opens his closet, revealing some weapons - Spike chooses to use a large mace as his weapon of choice. When Raph refers to him as Spike, the latter says that he would prefer to be named "Slash" instead. The two then set out to search for the canister, while the other Turtles conduct a search of their own. Both find it in their own way; Slash uses his keen sense of smell to lead Raph and himself to it, while Donnie and the others are led by the tracker. However, the canister is taken away by a pizza delivery boy, who foolishly mistakes it for an energy drink. 

Slash then comes up behind Donnie, hoists him up into the air, and drags him off. In a short matter of time, Mikey notices that Donnie is gone and tells Raph about it, only to turn around and see Slash right behind him before Raph tells him its Spike mutated. Mikey starts freaking out, and Slash once again tells Raph that they can find the Mutagen canister without the others...Mikey, however, begs Raph to help him find Donnie. Raph chooses to agree with Mikey, saying that his brothers always come first, no matter what the case, which causes Slash to become irate. Slash then grabs Mikey and grievously injures him with an array of punches. When Raph asks the giant turtle what that was for and begins to approach him, looking more than ready to fight, Slash specifically says that he does not want to engage Raph. Raph agrees, though he still bluntly accuses Slash...

Meanwhile, Leo goes after the mutagen canister by himself and it soon ends up in the hands of a salesman, who mistakes it for some type of antique glow lamp. Leo spies a nearby trash can, decides to climb inside of it, and slowly approaches the canister. However, a Little Girl and her father show up and buy the supposed "lamp", leaving Leo to find yet another way to retrieve it.

Raph and Mikey go out and find an injured and unmasked Donnie on a rooftop, who has sustained a sprained arm. They walk with him a ways, until Donnie says that he's too weak to go any further...However, Raph doesn't allow this and puts a band over Donnie's arm. Mikey then believes that he hears Leo's voice somewhere nearby and goes to investigate, only to find out that Slash has done a very accurate impersonation of Leo's voice. Slash then lunges out from a stairway and captures Mikey. Raph soon finds an unmasked Mikey hanging from a building, and rescues him. He asks Slash why he's doing this, to which Slash replies, "You don't need them!!", as Raph had initially thought prior to the events. Raph, though reluctantly, is forced to battle his former pet... Upon battling Slash, Raph quickly finds himself greatly outmatched by Slash, who reveals that he had observed the Turtles training for a number of years, and thus had learned most (if not all) of their moves.

Elsewhere, Leo breaks into the house of the inquisitive girl (where the Mutagen has ended up) and finds her about to drink some of it, mistaking it for tea. Mustering up some courage, Leo decides that he has no choice but to expose himself, and knocks the cup out of her hand with a kick. The girl obviously sees Leo (who nervously smiles while sweating) but instead of being shocked and freaked out by his appearance, she starts talking politely to him (even recognizes his appearance as a turtle instead of calling him a green mutant frog freak like most humans do) and asks if he wants a drink of the "tea". Leo responds that he does not and tells her that he has to leave immediately with the "tea" (mutagen) that she has. However, the girl threatens to scream to her father nearby if Leo tries to leave. Having no other choice, Leo sits down with her and nervously bonds with her for a bit. Just when she's asking if there are any more talking turtles around, to which Leo nervously denies, Raph and Slash come crashing through the roof, immersed in battle, trashing the house. Leo then leaves with the canister, and the girl politely bids farewell.

Slash and Raph continue to fight, until Leo intervenes. A scornful Slash easily pushes Leo aside, and then utterly outmatches Raph, knocking away the latter's weapons in the process. Though bruised and battered, Raph remembers a vantage point and instinctively pokes one of Slash's pressure points (just as Splinter did to Raph, teaching the latter something or two). Slash begins to fall off of the roof, and Raph, collecting Donnie and Mikey's bandanas, then tries to save him, but Slash falls off of the building, believed to have died in the process. However, a short time later, they realize that Slash was able to survive and escape.

Back in the lair, Raph is quite upset about what happened. Splinter approaches him and counsels him to cope with the loss of loved ones by spending time with loved ones still there. Raph takes this advice and goes to hang out with his brothers, saying that they aren't so bad after all. "You guys aren't so bad to hang out with, either."


Raphael's magical moving stop sign.gif
  • When Michelangelo comes to Raphael's bedroom to summon him to help clean up the mess in the common area, Mikey stands in the doorway and talks to Raph. First, Mikey is shown holding the door open, showing the stop sign hanging on the inside of Raph's door. The scene switches to Raph in bed responding. Then it switches back to Mikey, but this time the stop sign on the door has been moved closer to the door's hinge.
Raphael's magical moving bedroom.gif
  • The location of Raph's room was inconsistently portrayed in this episode. When Raph came out of his room, he was seen coming out of the right front bedroom. While Spike was mutating in Raph's bedroom, the camera ominously zoomed in on the right-hand-side bedroom doors. But when Raph went back to his room, he entered the left front bedroom.
  • Also, when Raph walks behind the pinball machine, a 3D rendering error shows him superimposed in front of it.
  • During the scene in which Slash drags Mikey off in front of Raph, you can see Raph through Mikey's mouth and a slight part of his face.


  • Mikey and Mouth, two of the Goonies reunite with this episode, Sean Astin (Raphael's voice) and Corey Feldman who is joining the show as Slash's voice.
  • Corey Feldman also voiced Donatello in the 1990 film and its second sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.
  • This episode marks the first time in this series that any of the Turtles appear unmasked post-mutation. Slash, Donnie and Mikey all appear unmasked. Leo does not appear unmasked until Within the Woods.
  • A Stockman Industries billboard appears when Raph and Slash are jumping rooftops.
  • Slash belt buckle's "S" is not inverted, unlike previous incarnations where it made the "S" look like a "Z".
  • Skullorax's minions in the turtles' arcade game resemble the Kraang in their floating devices.
  • As Slash's first appearance, this episode also marks the first time where Slash mysteriously changes skin color—an unexplained recurring trend over his appearances in the series. When Slash first appears post-mutation, he is a vivid Prussian blue in color. But after the scene where the audience learns of his intention to kill Raphael's brothers, Slash's skin changes to a dark spring green, which it remains for the rest of the episode.
  • The episode's title "Slash and Destroy" is a nod to "Search and Destroy", the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic that introduced the Archie continuity version of Slash.
  • The name of this episode is also similar to "Seek & Destroy", a song by the American heavy metal band Metallica.


Michelangelo: (after failing an arcade game) I was so close, Leo… So close…
Leonardo: You did well my son… (pushes Mikey away) Now watch a REAL Sensei at work!
Raphael: MIKEY! You got pizza stains all over my Modern Ninja magazine! They're ruined!
Michelangelo: Dude, those things are like, twenty years old. They're not exactly MODERN.
Raphael: They're vintage! It took me six years to collect 'em! SIX! YEARS!
Michelangelo: Chillax, bro. I'll clean it for you (licks magazine)
(Raph smacks Mikey with magazine)
Raphael: You mess up everything, Mikey!
Leonardo: It's just stuff, Raph. Meager possessions. What does it matter?
Raphael: What about your precious comic book collection, huh? You're always sticking up for Mikey! Try seeing MY point of view for once!

Donatello: Could it get any louder out there? How am I supposed to concentrate with Raph EXPLODING all the time? (Drips chemical into -mutagen, which starts to whine.) Uh oh…

Raphael: It's always me, right? I'VE got the bad attitude! I'M the bad guy! They just don't get it!
Slash: They never have…
Raphael: (spins around) What? (sees mutagen on the floor)
Slash: They never understood ya… Not like me.
Raphael: It can't be... Spike?!

Raphael: I can't believe this is happening… I mean this is AMAZING! Wait… What'm I gonna tell the others?
Slash: Tell 'em you've got a new partner. One who knows the TRUE meaning, of being a warrior.
Raphael: A new partner?
Slash: You and me. No joking around. No goofing off like your brothers. We will be the ULTIMATE ninja team.
Raphael: That would be… awesome!
Slash: We'll CRUSH our opponents! We'll fight evil together… non-stop.
Raphael: That's what I'm talking about! You TOTALLY get it! You always did!

Raphael: You look AWESOME, Spike!
Slash: Heh… Never liked the name 'Spike'. Call me… Slash.

Slash: If Raph's gonna be free, we may need to lose some dead weight…

Raphael: HEY! What are you DOING? I HAD 'im!
Leonardo: You're late, Raph!
Donatello: Ugh! Are they gonna argue all night? The mutagen's getting away!
Michelangelo: Dude, I can totally see Raph's forehead veins bulging from here! Check it out, his head's gonna pop!

Michelangelo: Raph! Donnie's disappeared! He was just behind me when… (notices Slash) Holy chalupa! ANOTHER TURTLE?!

Raphael: Sorry, Slash. My brothers come first, no matter what.

Donatello: Ugh… What hit me? It was like Raph, only… bigger and meaner… angrier, but… not quite as ugly.
Raphael: It was Spike! He got into the mutagen –
Donatello: Spike? Way to keep that mutagen safe, Raph.

Leo's voice: Mikey, I need your help!
Michelangelo: Leo?
(He sees a pair of eyes in the dark.)
Leo's voice: Down here! Hurry!
Michelangelo: Am I glad your back! You wouldn't believe it, dude. There's another turtle.
Leo's voice: That's funny...
(The figure reveals himself as Slash.)
Slash: I actually believed it!

Slash: The others hold you back. Limit your potential. You don't need them. Just like you said.
Raphael: No! They're my brothers, I NEVER wanted this!
Slash: There's no turning back now.

Michelangelo: Slash is back! Raph's in trouble!
Donatello: Raph's fighting him?
Michelangelo: Well, not really fighting… more like getting stomped into green goo.

Little girl: No, no, no, no, no. You have to hold your pinky out.
Leonardo: I don't exactly have a pinky.
Little girl: Are there other talking turtles like you?
Leonardo: Nope. Just me. Mr. Imaginary turtle.
(Raph and Slash fall through roof.)
Leonardo: "Raph?!"
Raphael: Leo!? Having… tea time?!

Leonardo: Sorry about Spike, Raphael…
Raphael: That's alright. You guys aren't so bad to hang out with either.



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