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Skullbuzzer is a spacecraft used by Krang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures by Archie Comics.


Some time after Krang had returned to Dimension X and launched a new military campaign against its worlds, Krang had his Technodrome fortress rebuilt into a spacecraft capable of intergalactic travel which he used to travel from star system to star system and even travel between Dimension X and the Milk Way Galaxy. Because the spacecraft has a resemblance to a human skull, Krang named it the Skullbuzzer.

Krang may have used the spacecraft to attack the planet of Hirobyl.

When the Shredder failed to locate the Turnstone on Earth Krang traveled with the Skullbuzzer to Earth to oversee the search for the Turnstone, but not before he first threatend an unnamed world. The leader of this world offered Krang a device that could locate the Turnstone over interstellar distances in return for sparing the life on his world. Krang took both.

The former warlord Cherubae disguised as the swamp witch Mary Bones realized that Krang would destroy Earth and all life on it as he had done other worlds in his search for the Turnstone, so she used the device to resume her original form and transport herself to the planet Hirobyl in Dimension X, and took the turtles with her who had been captured by the Sons of Silence which were working for Krang at the time.

Learning through his Turnstone tracking device that the Turnstone was now in Dimension X Krang immediately decided to go after it, taking the Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Sons of Silence with him. Once in the skies above Hirobyl Krang was confronted by Cherubae and the Turnstone which she used to turn Krang's tracking device into a bird.

Krang reacted by opening fire on her with the Skullbuzzer's X Ray lasers and Stun beam which incapacitated Cherubae and made her drop the Turnstone. Before he could finish her off the Sons of Silence abandoned Krang's side and took Cherubae with them for some unknown goal.

After sending the Shredder, Bebop, and Rockstready planetside on flying sewer jet skis, Krang temporary left Hirobyl to contact the insect queen Maligna to make an arrangement with her in return for the service of ten of her children. After the turles and their allies on Hirobyl managed to defeat the Maligna's warrior children Krang suddenly reappeared with the Skullbuzzer and opened fire on them

In the meantime Leatherhead who had come across the Turnstone by coincidence used it to summon Cherubae, after a brief discussion with her why she turned Jess Harley into Leatherhead in the first place he gave the Turnstone to her which she then used to end the conflict.

Cherubae used the Turnstone to exile Krang and his associates. Bebop and Rocksteady were sent to an Eden World not inhabited by any intelligent beings where they could live like the creatures they were at heart, she sent the Shredder to a prison on Earth, and Krang was exiled to the toxic waste dump world of Morbus.

Afterwards Cherubae gave the Skullbuzzer to Trap, Leatherhead, and Wingnut and Screwloose. The spacecraft would not any other appearance in follow up TMNT Adventure comics.


The Skullbuzzer is a war-spacecraft capable of travelling both in the atmosphere of planets as well as in space where it is capable of travelling intergalactic distances with its hyperdrive. It is also equipped with a variety of weapon systems such as X Ray lasers and a stun weapon that Krang used against Cherubae.

The Skullbuzzer also carried a number of flying sewer jet skis onboard which Krang equipped the Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady with when he deployed them on Hirobyl to search for the Turnstone.


Height: 40'
Length: 90'
Weight: 5,000 tons
Engine Power: unknown
Inventor: Krang

(TMNT Adventures Mutant Sourcebook No.2)


  • Though mentioned in TMNT Adventures No. 11 that the Skullbuzzer is a redesigned Technodrome the size of the ship does not match that of the mobile fortress which was at least as big as several large buildings or a housing block. Perhaps the size of the Skullbuzzer was an artistic interpretation or a mistake on the side of the writer who did not know what the size of the Technodrome was.



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