Skateboardin' mike
The Pavement Poundin’ Sidewalk Surfer!

Vital Boardtistics

Accessories: Turtle-textured Skateboard, Two Reptile Roller Blades and Detachable Wheel Weights!
Favorite Trick: Gleamin’ the Cube while eatin’ pizza
Favorite Food: You need to be told?
Favorite Boardin’ Buddy: Mondo Gecko

Duck and cover, dudes! Skateboardin’ Mike’s greasin’ the ground! He’s the partyin’ sidewalk surfer, the wave of the future – and he’s ridin’ it all the way. This freestylin’ Foot fighter may falter, but he won’t fall down! Battlin’ with the baddies with his bodacious board, this mutant maniac mashes to music – the tubular tones of the concrete jungle! The Foot know to guard their knees when Skateboardin’ Mike rockets toward them with his reptile roller blades shinin’ the curbside. So don’t be a poser – hop on the board with Skateboardin’ Mike – the pavement poundin’, sidewalk surfin’, kowabunga kid!


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