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Idw - skara brae

The Skara Brae is a New York City pub located near the waterfront, which is owned and run by Brooklyn S. Bridge. Among its regulars are Kid Kennedy and Fight'n Ferguson, and previously Arnold Jones.

The Skara Brae first appeared in TMNT Micro-Series: Casey Jones . It also appears in Big Trouble in Little Italy, when a lost briefcase filled with diamonds came into the possession of Kennedy. Savate bodyguard Max Frezatto used the phone at the Skara Brae to telephone his boss Fabrice, which ultimately led to the discovery that the diamonds had been there. As a result, a massive battle broke out at the Skara Brae between the Savate ninja and the Purple Dragons, which ended when a S.W.A.T. team was called in.

Another conflict came about during the Secret History of the Foot Clan, when the Skara Brae was used as a hiding place by the Turtles while they dealt with Professor Patrick Miller and the Ashi no Himitsu. The Foot Clan came looking for the antique book, and another battle resulted.