Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


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Master Splinter stands holding one of Raphael's sai at Casey's father's throat. Splinter asks Raphael if he wants him to execute the man, if that would give him peace. Casey's father begs for his life. Raphael hesitates to answer, pausing to realize how out-of-control with anger he was. Splinter tells him that it is a surmountable obstacle, and that he too used to suffer from an incredibly short temper. Splinter tells Raphael how hot-headed he was in his youth, and how it was only through the guidance of his master, the love of his wife, and the trust of his sons that helped him get over it. Splinter stresses the importance of always seeking peaceful resolution to conflicts, and only using violence as a last resort. Raphael says he understands, but also that he knows if he doesn't do something Casey's dad will keep beating Casey, possibly until it kills him. Splinter agrees and the two decide it is time to do something. 

On Burnow Island, Baxter Stockman is getting brought up to speed by General Krang. Krang tells him that he is an Utrom and the others in cryo-stasis are the last of his race. Krang explains that he comes from alternate dimension, Dimension X. Krang tells Stockman about his planet's destruction, and shows him the portal they used to travel to earth to make it their new home. Stockman asks how Krang's homeworld was destroyed. Krang tells him how once Planet Utrominon was the most powerful in the galaxy, ruled by the Utrom High Council. Krang's father Quannin was the supreme leader, and Krang the second-in-commamnd. Through overreaching attempts to expand his empire, Quannin brought about his own defeat, and with it the destruction of nearly his entire race. Before Krang can explain further, two Neutrino Resistance Fighters come through the portal (using signal jammers to block it from being shut down) and attack Krang. The two NRF soldiers are disposed off. Stockman asks why Krang has brought him here. Krang shows him: the Technodrome. Back at the antique shop, the others tend to Casey and try to cheer him up. They tell Casey he should've told them about this a long time ago, and that he doesn't have to stay with his dad and keep getting beaten. 

At Casey's house, Splinter asks Raphael if they should execute the man and end Casey's troubles. Raphael says no, because it really wouldn't solve anything, just make things worse. Splinter tells him he's right, and to go gather Casey's things, as he will be living with them now. They arrive back at the antique shop and Splinter calls a family meeting. Casey says he and April will leave to give them some privacy but Splinter tells them to stay, as they are family. Splinter tells them why he has always taught them that life is sacred, and killing should always be last resort. He goes on to say that in their current conflict with Oroku Saki, now called the Shredder, violence is their only option. To ensure their family's peace and safety, as well as to prevent any further innocent bloodshed, they must kill the Shredder. 

At Foot Clan headquarters, Oroku Saki is telling Karai about Hamato Yoshi (Splinter, in his former life) and his four sons. Before ordering them all executed, Saki had the chance to watch them all interact and train together. The oldest boy, even at so young an age, displayed all the attributes of a true warrior. Karai asks why she mentions him. Saki tells her it is because that boy has not changed in his new life, and he wants her to bring him that boy – Leonardo, leader of the ninja turtles – to be made into his second-in-command.





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