Simon Bonesteel

Bonehead (by Turtles)
The Great Dumb/Weird Hunter (by Mikey and Raph)
The Hunter (by Vam Mi and minions)

Weapon(s) of choice

Shell Crunchin' Crossbow ("MaryLou")
Whip ("Susanna")
Various other weapons


Big game hunter

Physical description




Hair color


Out of universe information

The Next Mutation

First appearance

All in the Family

Played by

Scott McNeil

Teachers and Students

"I will not rest until I can put my turtle skin boots up on my turtle shell coffee table and drink my morning java out of a mug made out of one of those big, dumb animals!"
— Bonesteel

Simon Bonesteel is a quirky big game hunter whose specialty is hunting endangered animals. He appears in the Live Action TV-series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

The Next Mutation

Simon Bonesteel, is a passionate hunter. He has a collection of weapons that he is very fond of and has given female names to, like "Susanna" the whip and "MaryLou" the crossbow.

As Bonesteel tried on one occasion, to sell a rare turtle to interested parties, he comes in conflict with the Turtles for the first time. The Turtles are of course endangered as well (being that there's only 5 of them), so Bonesteel is always trying to catch them. He hopes to either sell one of the Turtles to get a lot of money, or use their shells as a coffee table. No matter what, he doesn't have very good plans for them. The Turtles usually don't have a hard time defeating him, as he is very stupid and completely incompetent. Despite this, he's shown to be fairly skilled at tracking them, making him a frequently occurring nuisance. After his defeat, he swears to make the Turtles his greatest prey, so as to make himself a big name in the hunter world.

He's also shown to be a competent vampire hunter, capturing Vam Mi and her two helpers. As vampire the Vam Mi was after her heart he forces her and her servants Bing and Chu Chi to begin to cooperate to catch the Turtles. However, this forced alliance did not lead to the desired outcome.



  • According to the four-part episode "Unchain My Heart", Bonesteel isn't just limited to hunting animals; he also hunts supernatural creatures as well.
  • Bonesteel was played by veteran voice actor Scott McNeil.
  • Simon Bonesteel could be a parody of the fanatical big-game hunter Jack Marlin from the Mirage comics, because he also tends to give his favorite weapons female names.
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