Silver and Gold
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation episode
Season Code: S01E08
Episode: 8
Original airdate
Written by
Producers: Haim Saban
Lance H. Robbins
Rosanne Milliken
David Richardson
Photographed by Henry Chan
Production  Collete Aubin
Episode chronology
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"All in the Family" "Turtles' Night Out"

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
September 12, 1997 - October 11, 2003
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"Silver and Gold" is the eighth episode of the live action series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.


Major Characters

Plot Synopsis

It starts with Mikey tanning in the sewers until some trucks come by, knocking Mikey over. A giant crash is heard and Mikey goes to see, and then it turns out to be police, they investigate until they find nothing and leave, Mikey comes out from hiding until a monkey comes from the back and taps Mikey with is cane, Mikey then freaks out and is shocked that he is a talking, big monkey and so is the monkey and then the monkey tells him that he is not from the sewers, but then he says that his family is from the Himalayas. Mikey is surprised and wants to tell the others, but the monkey or else it is consequences. Mikey cannot believe that he can't tell anyone.

Donnie is looking on his satellite until Mikey runs in and tells the other guys about the monkey. The monkey(whose name is Silver) is showing his assistants his new home until he finds one of them playing with the monkey and Silver then slaps him and takes the money, he then throws the money in the air and walks away. Mikey is still trying to make his family believe that he saw Silver. They then go on the Mutant Murader and motorcycle to the bank. Leo, Venus, Raph and Mikey are all watching the bank while Donnie is on his computer. First, they see nothing, but then Mikey uses his binoculars and sees somebody. He then runs off with Leo trying to stop him. When Mikey is down, he finds himself with the police. The officer first sees his face and gets a bit confused. Meanwhile, Leo gets into the police car and drives away, Mikey tells them and they run away, Mikey then escapes. It turns out that the the man at the bank were one of Silver's henchmen, the man then tells Silver using a walkie-talkie, then, a explosion is heard and the other 2 go to investigate, they then see some crooks (who Venus accidentally calls snooks. They then see that they are sucking money in a tube, the 2 turtles then easily defeat the 2 crooks, to discover that there are more to fight. They defeat alot of them easily, then Leo and Mikey come in and join the fight and decide to go for Silver, he then blows money at them and escapes.

Back in the sewer, the turtles see a news report based on their fight and blame Mikey and then Donnie thinks of a way to stop Silver. Meanwhile, Silver is thinking where to stage another attack on the bank and thinks of one. Back at the sewer, Donnie discovers (thanks to his computer) where Silver is planning another attack, which is right above them, Splinter says to give up, but Mikey does not want to, after some more talking, the turtles head to the bank, Donnie uses a device to detect if security is coming, so he sends Venus. While Leo and Raph wait, Mikey eats and Donnie is using his machine, Mikey accidentally spills mustard in the chimney and then he heads in, then all of the turtles go in and see a container, so they then set up before anyone else shows up, but then, Silver and his gang appear and try to rob the place until they simply open the door and Venus then falls. Silver's henchmen open the door and are about to get the money, but one of the henchmen see Venus and grab her, he then puts her in the giant container and locks her in, that is when the others come and fight the henchmen easily, but then, Silver announces that he will put dynamite in the giant container with Venus in it which is set to explode in 2 minutes. Donnie then says that he needs to try 6 billion combinations to free Venus, but Mikey and Raph then remove a stem that keeping Sliver in the car and not moving and Silver's car starts going. Meanwhile, Donnie is trying to figure out which combination in just 20 seconds, then it explodes which the other 3 see, but it turns out she survived and so did Donnie, they all then celebrate and head back home. At the sewer, Donnie then says that he used his keen brain to find the right combination, they then watch a news report which is still about the turtles. Back at Sliver's lair, he is furious and says then his name is not Silver.

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