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Silent Night is issue #40 of Tales of the TMNT volume 2, published on November 2007 by Mirage Studios.

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On Christmas of 2060 in Tōkyō, Japan, Raphael finds an abandoned baby in the sewers. She cries out and a pungent whiff passes Raph's beak, so he takes her topside in an effort to get her diaper changed.

Raph walks the streets in search of help, and the bright lights of Tōkyō scare the baby into crying again. A group of street urchins approach Raph, and although he assumes the worst and is ready to fight, they point out a trio of prostitutes nearby. Taph hands the baby to her, and two of them change her diaper while the third enters a nearby market to purchase a bottle of formula. One of those on diaper duty tells him to take her to RU Tokyo General Hospital.

Heading in that direction, he comes across a trio of zombies, which he makes short work of as the baby sleeps. But then, he is ambushed by a group of Foot Ninja. He fights them with the baby in one hand, one sai in the other, and eventually he takes one of their katana and wields it with his foot. Unfortunately, despite taking out many of them, they gang up on Raph, beating him mercilessly and taking the baby.

Raph wakes up to only find the bottle beside him. Fortunately, the urchins and prostitutes rush up, and one of the urchins calls an informant to find out where the baby has been taken. After learning of the location, Raph insists they take the sewers to get there. Raph's new posse loads up with guns and they march into the location, taking out scores of Foot Ninja.

Raph breaks down the door to where the baby is being held, only to find an extremely elderly Karai sitting on an ornate throne. She reveals that the baby is her great-granddaughter Motoko, and that she deliberately planted her in the sewer for Raph to find so she could have the Foot snatch her and lead Raph on a chase. As Raph and his crew sourly walk off, a tearful Karai says she did it because she missed "those good old days."


  • This story's title is a multifaceted play on words. Silent Night is a 19th century Christmas carol about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, whose birthday celebration is observed on Christmas day. This story takes place on the night of Christmas, and features no dialogue until Raphael encounters Karai, making it almost entirely a "silent" issue. There may also be additional juxtaposition between Christ the Child and the seemingly-abandoned baby Motoko.

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