Shugo Jū Kōrin Metaru Tātoruzu Tōjō!
Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen episode
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Episode: 02
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"The Great Crisis of the Super Turtles! The Saint Appears!"
"The Coming of the Guardian Beasts - The Metal Turtles Appears!" (守護獣降臨 メタルタートルズ登場!, Shugo Jū Kōrin Metaru Tātoruzu Tōjō!) is the second episode of Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen.


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The Turtles, along with April and Splinter, go on a trip to Japan in order to help Hattori Kinzō, in order to get rid of a ghost haunting the Hattori House. At the same time, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady teleport themselves to Japan in order to steal the Tablet of the Seven Elements, so they can gain the powers of the Guardian Beasts.


Shugo Ju Korin: Metal Turtles Tojo!/Gallery

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